When Did Law Enforcement Get “Customers?”

by lewwaters

Sheriff BadgeWe have two candidates to choose from to replace outgoing County Sheriff, Garry Lucas. Shane Gardner and Chuck Atkins are those two candidates, Atkins clearly holding more actual experience in our Sheriff’s Department.

Although late in the primary, I did endorse and put my support behind Atkins, seeing that he was who held, in my estimation, the best all around experience to occupy that office and serve the citizens of Clark County.

I have no problems with Shane Gardner and think he is an excellent Deputy, but he continues showing he is just not ready to be the County Sheriff.

Case in point, the below image of a comment on his facebook page concerning “community policing.”

Shane Gardner, CustomersWhile overall it might be a decent answer, it disturbs me to see him refer to those the Police have to deal with often as “customers,” customers that sometimes are “violent.”

I’m sorry, suspects, criminals and others that react as violently as he indicates are not customers.

Using that word to describe those people, giving indication of they are someone coming to make a purchase of goods or service does not resonate with me as a serious view of law enforcement.

Would you consider a domestic abuser, bank robber or drug dealer as a “customer?”

Would you want to see an officer hurt because they hesitated to use force when necessary, knowing the Sheriff was an ‘appeaser’ or holds to the old axiom of “the ‘customer’ is always right?”

The notion of “community policing” also is not new. It did not originate with Deputy Gardner and Clark County Sheriff’s have been leaders in that regard.

Chuck Atkins reminds us, “Community policing, partnerships, finding innovative solutions, are not new ideas. You and I have been innovating for the last two decades and we will continue to innovate in how we provide public safety services to the citizens of Clark County.”

That is why experience matters and why I decided to put my support behind Chuck Atkins.

Lacking in experience is not a slur against Gardner, as I said, I feel he is an excellent Deputy and hope he gains the needed experience in command positions to one day become a good Sheriff.

I also hope he moves past the notion of criminal suspects being “customers.”

4 Comments to “When Did Law Enforcement Get “Customers?””

  1. “The customer is always right” That’s a good one Lew. Who said you didn’t have a sense of humor?

    The concept of describing detainees as “customers” could very well raise a conflict in the minds the “jobbers” or “distributors” or “dealers” or “retailers”.

    Under a Gardner administration, would a deputy describe himself or herself as a “dealer”?

  2. The reality is that each of these men are good men. Only one can become sheriff. That one needs to be the best qualified to be the primary leader of this branch of government. To be that one needs to recognize political correctness and nice soft fuzzy verbiage in dealing with the harsh realities of victims and perpetrators is not setting an example of honest clear minded well defined lines. We can be respectful and follow the laws without losing sight of the truth. I agree with Lew here. There is one man ready to lead and it is Chuck Atkins.

  3. The customer is never right when it comes to Clark County. The county can be involved in delaying, hiding documents, changing documents, removing documents from files, targeting individuals, but never be at fault. When you bring it up or expose it, its just another “nothing to look at here”, let just move on. Bunch of clowns running this county.

  4. I didn’t realize the Sheriff ran the county.

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