Jeanne Stewart vs Craig Pridemore: Who Will Stand For Citizens?

by lewwaters

If you have any doubts about who will stand up for you and the rest of the citizens of Clark County, let this brief exchange put that to rest as both Jeanne E. Stewart and Craig Pridemore are asked about the citizen vote on Bus Rapid Transit in Clark County.

Jeanne E. Stewart has my vote and support as she will stand up for us and not downtown special interests. She honors our vote, Craig Pridemore does not.

4 Comments to “Jeanne Stewart vs Craig Pridemore: Who Will Stand For Citizens?”

  1. I need to cut out what she said after this on her misgivings on BRT, some I hadn’t considered and very relevant.

    Jeanne is who this county sorely needs

  2. “You’re not suggesting there should be another vote on the bus rapid transit?” Moderator
    “I believe they’ve taken a vote on the bus rapid transit project and want to move forward”. Craig Pridemore.

    Really? As Jeanne Stewart pointed out, the ballot combined light rail operations funding with BRT. It failed. How does Pridemore interpret that as the electorate wanting to “move forward”? We all know that the reason they combined those two questions is in the hope that there would be enough support for BRT to carry the question – knowing full well that a standalone LR Operations ballot would certainly fail. Well, both questions failed didn’t they. I’d characterize Pridemore’s answer as being extremely disingenuous if not an outright falsehood.

  3. Then there was the county’s advisory vote – another big loss for BRT.

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