Home Rule Charter Debate

by lewwaters

Last evening was the first debate on the Clark County Home Rule Charter, held at the Battle Ground Community Center and sponsored by Clark County Citizens United and the Clark County Farm Forestry Association. As would be expected, in spite of efforts for a calm, civil exchange, it did get a little heated.

I applaud both Clark County Citizens United and the Clark County Farm Forestry Association for hosting and for their efforts to hold a civil discussion.

You may view the full unedited video of the event at Home Rule Charter Debate

If you have had trouble viewing it on Google Drive, Reality Clark County blog has posted it to You Tube with my permission.

Feel free to link to or share as you please, regardless of your view on the Charter.

Of note, all three County Commissioners, Tom Mielke, David Madore and Ed Barnes attended as spectators.

16 Comments to “Home Rule Charter Debate”

  1. Did you attend and film this Lew? Thank you for posting it. Tracy Wilson and Liz Pike did a good job. I certainly hope the voters in Clark County watch it. I am going to share your posting.

  2. Yes, I attended and recorded it. Took all night to get it uploaded to Google Drive, but it is there now for any and every body to see if they wish.

    Share away.

  3. I figured you did. I know how long it takes to upload a ten minute video… you ROCK! Thank you so much!

  4. I also see it as the only way we can get information out to the public.

    We know the Lazy C won’t do it.

  5. I know. I posted my letter on several websites and facebook pages. I sent it out by email last night to almost a thousand people. I swallowed hard and helped the party aka Christian Berrigan with his request to contact via robocall everyone in my precinct. I am the pco and I do want this charter killed so I just needed to reach beyond me to the greater good of the people. I did. I will continue trying to kill the charter!

  6. Thanks for filming and posting this Lew. It needs to get wide distribution. I sent the link to Couv.com – maybe they’ll post if (after contacting you first of course :D) What I can’t figure out is why The Columbian didn’t bother filming and posting this themselves – the are the “newspaper of record” aren’t they? Maybe they really are the “Lazy C”. Does anyone know why Lucas supports a charter that will further abrogate the rights of Clark County citizens as well as isolating Clark County employees even further than they already are from the people they serve?

    I’ve read the charter and it appears to be nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt at retaliation against two of the current Commissioners.

  7. Tyler Graf was there last night and already wrote their article on it;

    Partisans flock to home rule charter debate

    I also sent him a link to this video and supplied it to Chuck Green of C3G2 if he wished to share it with the Charter Yes people.

    So far, I have seen any sharing it other than Charter No people.

    Steve Nelson is uploading a copy to YouTube as he is hearing people having trouble accessing it on Google Drive. He also has a much faster connection than I do.

    I agree, the “newspaper of record” should make it known as well and for that reason, I did not put anything in the video to claim it as mine, knowing they do not like to give any credit to me.

    As for the Charter itself, don’t forget that it grew out of the Recall effort once it was discovered a recall would not accomplish removal of the commissioners from office.

    That is why I wrote Motive Matters earlier.

  8. I also have to add, I was disappointed in how the Q&A turned into heated statements from the No group.

    I was looking forward to some serious questions from the Yes people to be addressed by Liz and Tracy.

  9. I posted a comment on the Columbian article.

  10. Thanks Lew, I’ll check it out when I get home from work.

    I’ll ask again, what is the difference between this charter, and the last few? Besides the crimp it will put on the current county administration?

  11. Perhaps unwittingly, Brian, but you have just proved my point of opposition on this Charter.

    I haven’t had time to dig up the old Charter efforts, but in your words is a desire to put a crimp on the current county commission.

    Of note, in all of the years Democrats held the majority, ignored citizen opposition to projects like the CRC, came close to ignoring us on the baseball scam (you do recall Stuart’s little tantrum when Boldt switched at the last minute, don’t you?) and pushed the county further and further left, all efforts from us to “put a crimp in the current administration” was fought tooth and nail.

    Y’all don’t like that the county commission majority switched to a more conservative one and once it was found out you couldn’t recall Madore & Mielke over Benton, lo and behold, all of a sudden it is your side that wants to completely change how county government runs.

    So yes, watch the video and pay close attention to Tracy Wilson. In my estimation, he laid out the calmest and most reasoned view on why this is a bad idea.

    To me, the admission of we can fix it after it is passed smacks of “we must pass the bill to see what is in it” and that improving government is not the first goal.

    The first goal is to undo the 2012 election and return the county commission to Democrats.

    You see Brian, conservatives have a right to fair representation of our views as well and under the previous administration, we did not receive that.

    Liberals don’t always know best.

  12. Thank you for creating and sharing this view, Mr Waters. I’m sure that it shall continue to make the rounds of pro-charter, anti-charter and other folks alike.

  13. You’re welcome, Rory. I think recording of these events is important so everybody can see what was said and what happened, not someone else’s interpretation.

    As for this one, as I expressed to Commissioner Madore, I was disappointed to see the actions of some. I was hoping to see a more balanced Q&A with a few more questions posed from the pro-people and addressed.

    While Betty Sue was out of line, that does not excuse the rest and to me is all too indicative of actions from both political divides at times preventing us from getting anywhere.

  14. I was pretty impressed with Tracy Wilson’s reasoned explanation of why the proposed charter is a bad deal for Clark County. I was equally impressed with the composure of Wilson and Pike – especially in contrast to Betty Sue’s meltdown.

  15. Yesterday I received a “Our County. Our Voice” flyer in the mail with and attached “Benefits of the Charter Form”. After looking over the material I smelled a skunk. Until yesterday I had no idea what a freeholder was, who Betty Sue Morris was, or what the hoopla about a Charter was about. I have spent hours on the internet researching these things, starting with Betty Sue. I am now a committed politico to pay attention to what is about to happen. The deep tentacles of this potentially political fiasco are apparent at this time as to who is involved in this and what has happened (freeholders writing the Charter) to “bring this to the Voters”. The Pike/Morris confrontation in Battle Ground (thanks Reflector) is telling, particularly Morris’ response which is typical of liberal Democratic “discourse” which usually is no reasoned discourse at all. Researching further (pealing the onion) one comes to connections such as H-Roc. Examining their website reveals a more than biased effort of this PAC to nominate one sided female only candidates for political office and I suspect once the Charter is voted in (God forbid) H-Roc will step up with their candidate list for election to the 4 geographic districts. If the folks in this county think they have no voice in local government now, after the Charter and subsequent district elections and job assignments Clark County Voter vocal chords will be cut forever. Every voter should give this proposed change a hard, hard look. It recalls why I left Multnomah County and Portland, Oregon ten years ago and came to Clark County. Vote NO CHARTER.

  16. Thank you Michael Richard! I am so energized hearing some one I have never heard of think for themselves and arrive at the same conclusion I have. Thank you!

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