Terror in Oklahoma?

by lewwaters

Columbian, What StoryOnce again, a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy down in Moore, Oklahoma as the sad news of a recently fired man has beheaded one woman and was shot in the process of stabbing another.

Yet another wake up call is given as we read that the murderer was a recent convert to Islam, “the religion of peace” that has been beheading people around the globe.

There have been calls from the Middle East to begin beheading citizens inside the U.S. while at the same time, our alleged “leaders” in Washington D.C. dilly dally around on sealing our borders and push for legislation to further restrict law-abiding citizens guns.

Had someone else not been armed there, how many more might this murderer have killed?

And just what good would gun control laws have done to stop him? He was using a knife!

The gun stopped his carnage.

But, I can’t help but wonder why the Lazy C so far ignores this story since if he had shot someone, they would have jumped all over it in their effort to promote I-594 and more restrictive gun policies.

Increasing background checks or making it more difficult for innocent, law-abiding citizens to own or even carry a legal firearm just leaves more people as potential victims, just as this poor woman in Moore, Oklahoma was.

I also am told that the over all majority of Muslims do not condone these actions. But, where are they?

Who is teaching these converts to behead victims?

Who is stirring up the anger among converts to do these acts?

We cannot allow misguided fanatics to disarm us as we see these sort of crimes growing. The current effort in Washington State with I-594 only promises to create more victims.

We must retain our ability to defend ourselves as well as our neighbors while we wait on Police to arrive.

I urge you to get the facts and vote NO on I-594 before more innocent victims are murdered here.

As for all of these “peaceful” Muslims, it is time for you all to come out, stand with us against these horrific acts and together, let’s prevent more of these senseless deaths.

UPDATE: MSNBC is quick to claim “no links to terrorism” while CBS speculates whether he was fired due to his recent conversion to Islam and proselytizing.

If only the media afforded our Police and gun-owners the same rapid defense.

9 Comments to “Terror in Oklahoma?”

  1. Lew – Do a Google image search of Muslims against terrorism. They exist Lew. Please note that these pics come from all around the world.

  2. Steve, I do believe they exist, but my point is they need to step up and do more. Just speaking is of little use. They must be more proactive, especially in America.

    I’ve addressed this point before after the Ft. Hood attack: An Open Letter To American Muslims

  3. Two issues.

    1. The gun grabbers are responding emotionally rather than using intelligence and reason. The left, who fears an armed populace (that they can’t control) simply want’s to remove guns so that they can impose their tyranny (under the guise of “democratic socialism”) upon the population. They know that an armed citizenry might actually use their weapons to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States.

    2. The myth that Islam is a “religion of peace.” This is a face saving, politically correct mantra so that the very few moderates who observe Islam do not become unduly agitated. A moderate in Islam is actually someone who is not observing the specifics of Shira nor the clear statements in the Koran. In other words, a “moderate” Islamic is also not considered a “true believer” — and is subject to death by those who strongly believe.

    Over the centuries, Christianity “absorbed” various lessons from the ancient Greek philosophers especially from Plato and to a lesser degree from Aristotle. Plato’s view of the universe was closely aligned with the essential philosophy of Christianity and (through St. Augustine) much of Plato’s views were incorporated into Christian dogma. Thomas Aquinas re-introduced Aristotle and some of Aristotle’s views (esp. in the use of reason) were also incorporated into Christianity. Eventually, the Aristotelian views created “the Enlightenment” that resulted in the creation of the United States, it’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution. (The reformation toward the end of the dark ages, actually rejected Aristotle and attempted to “purify” Christianity in that regard.)

    Oddly, the Islamics had taken over libraries (by conquest) previously under Roman control in what was once the eastern region of the Roman Empire. Islamic scholars were fascinated with both Plato and Aristotle and studied them for some time. (The West eventually recovered access to more complete writings of Plato and Aristotle thanks to the preservation done by the Islamic scholars.) Unfortunately, Islam — which never had the impact of the Hellenic age and the influence of Plato and Aristotle as the west (where their thinking was not considered that foreign) — ultimately rejected the influence of “reason” as both Plato and Aristotle taught. (Plato had a strong supernatural streak in his work, while Aristotle’s line of thinking eventually was formalized into what we now call “the scientific method.”) With the rejection of western philosophy, Islam has become a “religion of emotion and supernaturalism” — the most avid followers therefore reject any calls for moderation and go about jihad to follow Allah’s wishes to convert or kill everyone who is not a member of Islam. That is the ultimate requirement of Shira. Moderate members of Islam do not criticize the “fundamentalists” — because they are NOT out of the mainstream teachings of the religion.

  4. There are some Muslim groups beginning to be more active in their denunciation of terrorism. Muslims throughout the Middle East are beginning to realize the need to fight Muslim extremists. Muslim youth in this country and other countries are using social media to condemn ISIS and Muslim extremists. I read a story yesterday in which the flight leader of a UAE fighter group led an airstrike against ISIS. The flight leader is a 35 year old female. This has received prominent coverage and will encourage other Muslims to speak out against and fight terrorism.



  5. I see that as a good beginning, but American Muslims must come off the fence and actively out the bad seeds, especially any Imams preaching Jihad.

  6. Brigitte Gabriel says it all

  7. Maybe dumbass will send Eric Holder to start an investigation to arrest the shooter.

  8. just workplace violence, nothing to see here. too bad the man stopping the terrorist wasn’t able to put one in his skull . Sorry, I forgot this was not an act of terrorism. Just ask the #ucking whitehouse or the sheep in the mainstream

  9. Until muslims everywhere are as willing to die for their alleged “moderate” beliefs as the extremists are willing to die for theirs, then this sort of crap is going to continue.

    At some point, relatively soon, I expect this sort of thing is ging to happen again. And then again. And then more after that.

    The question is this: when that happens… what do we do then?


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