Lazy C’s Rice Goes Petty

by lewwaters

Okay, I get that all down at the Lazy C, Stephanie Rice and Lou Brancaccio especially, hate State Senator Don Benton (R 17) with a passion. We all get it and know they will stop at nothing to embarrass or demean the 5 times elected Senator. But this latest smear effort takes the cake.

Communication is key, spelling is secondary

Yes, Benton did the dastardly deed, he misspelled something.

And, we all know the Lazy C has never misspelled anything in print or online, right?

Well, as a matter of fact, no their spell checks aren’t so clean.

They are well known for their errors and numerous retractions and corrections.

To wit:

Columbian Independance Day

Columbian, 'Coud'

This is but two errors from their pages I saved. And, they are far from the only errors.

But, how petty can they get?

We have a county facing some serious issues and a citizenry facing increased taxes from everywhere as they still struggle to recover from the “Great Depression.”

And we get reports of a spelling error?

Maybe Ms. Rice should inform her co-workers of the need to Police their own spelling before they decide they know everything about everything.

Col. Wipe Your Ass

2 Comments to “Lazy C’s Rice Goes Petty”

  1. The Columbian has made many, many errors over the years. They have no room to admonish others. The piling on by the left (on Rice’s blog post) is as ridiculous as it is juvenile.


  2. They don’t call that hypocrite “Stephony” fer nuttin’.



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