Jeanne Stewart: “My Job as County Commissioner”

by lewwaters

It cannot be said enough that Jeanne E. Stewart is the best friend Clark County citizens could have. Her many years on the Vancouver City Council shows time after time where she stood for citizens over special interests, sometime alone.

She has never stood for partisan issues, but for what in her estimation, after careful study and consideration, supports the citizens.

Craig Pridemore, on the other hand, has consistently sided with special interests and party over the citizens, while in the State Senate and when he sat on the County Commission.

I urge you to cast your vote for Jeanne E. Stewart for Clark County Commissioner.

3 Comments to “Jeanne Stewart: “My Job as County Commissioner””

  1. She definitely has my vote.


  2. Thanks Lew. I have some anti-Pridemore data to send you. I’ll try to get it to you later.


  3. Any candidate that truly supports the citizens is ok in my book!


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