Craig Pridemore Cheap Shots Jeanne Stewart

by lewwaters

Apparently unable to actually stand on his record, Pridemore continues the cheapshots against Jeanne Stewart, with support of the likes of City Council member Larry Smith

Pridemore Cheapshots Stewart

In answer to his question on what Ms. Stewart champions? The people, Craig. Remember us? It doesn’t seem like you ever have.

7 Comments to “Craig Pridemore Cheap Shots Jeanne Stewart”

  1. This is pretty much how demoncrats conduct themselves in the 49th district and the rest of the county.

  2. The fringe left like Pridemore are such scummy little worms.


  3. Let me bring something to your attention concerning the words that Pridemore uses here: Community, well Stewart is less for community than bachelor P? Sure!

    Professional governance, now this is the one we should all stand up and listen to. What does this actually mean? Professional – I think I heard Betty Sue hail the goodness of those professionals in the county government. Could she and P mean Barron and his crew? Me thinks so! They had a very efficient thing going when they were together on the county commissioner board, way back when. Their meetings were so efficient that you better not blink because they would have gone from beginning to end and you would not have know what had happened — if you were not “in the know”. This is nothing more than language saying he trusts far more in the “professionals” [say like an Executive Director appointed by the councilors to “direct” the county business] than the elected official dumb dumbs, who certainly don’t know what is going on. This is supposedly more REPRESENTATION! Do you want to buy a beautiful bridge over the Columbian, real cheap? Now why would we believe this guy? With the long record of accomplishments he has had he ought to have a long list of all the marvelous actions and decisions he has made. Shouldn’t he? Instead of trying to tear his opponent down? This confidence in the “professionals” is exactly why this new charter will be a disaster for representative governance. This is bureaucratic, administrative rule, some call it “kingly” rule, by the few for their “subjects”! I think it historically has a few other names and advocates. Beware of those bearing gifts in sealed packages!

    Responsible fiscal management: Well we all know the Democrats love balanced budgets, low taxes and accountability and transparency [now that one I bet he really loves because he tells us about all the wonderful decisions he has made throughout the years]. Of course he would NOT be like the previous commissioner from his party who was in complete support of all the decisions that this current board has made causing Clark County to have a remarkable reputation for responsible fiscal management. I can see him agreeing with the other commissioners all the time about their efficiency and fiscal restraints. Can’t you?

    Of course, this is all tongue in cheek because Mr. Pridemore has a long record as a progressive, liberal Democrat and all that stands for. He would be another Stuart only worse, however, being a bit heavier, he could pull or push more weight than those other little guys. Don’t you agree with me?

    I wonder who is supporting him and paying the bills for his signs and such! Those CRC advocates? Is that possible? I am sure the radical, liberal, progressives will be standing in line to support this guy. He is their fellow, for sure. You can believe that and go to the bank with that!

    These are just a few thoughts from someone who likes to think, and think, and think!

  4. I dug back into some Lazy C archives recently and was reminded that with Pridemore, it’s always been about tearing his opponent down. Smears, cheap shots & mud slinging has been the cornerstone of his campaigns.

  5. What’s with the war on women Pridemore? 😉

  6. I should have put a winky face so people didn’t take me too seriously.

  7. Added one for you 😉

    I can edit comments, but WordPress still doesn’t allow commenters to edit their own.

    I hope that they correct that someday

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