Pridemore & Stewart on the Home Rule Charter

by lewwaters

Wooden NickelWe read in the Oct. 2, 2014 Lazy C article Pridemore, Stewart differ on big issues;

“He [Craig Pridemore] called the charter an effort to make the county better. He said the county was a different place today than it was in 1889, when the president approved the state constitution, which spelled out the composition of county government.”

“[Jeanne] Stewart, a former Vancouver city councilwoman, disagreed, saying the home rule charter was an extreme reaction by some to the actions of Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke, both Republicans.”

A May 11, 2013 Lazy C article, Overflow crowd meets to discuss recall, other options of Madore, Mielke reveals that upon learning of the likelihood that a recall effort against Madore and Mielke would never meet muster, it was none other than Craig Pridemore, visiting from his job in Olympia with the Dept. of Licensing, that brought up a Home Rule Charter as an alternative to the recall.

It must be asked, just why is Craig, after being the one that brought up the notion of a Home Rule Charter as an alternative to a recall in the first place, so willing now to leave his $85,000 a year job in Olympia and run for a $53,000 a year job as a part-time County Councilor, as the written charter calls for?

I don’t for a minute believe he is willing to take a $30,000 a year cut in wages out of the goodness of his heart.

No, there is obviously some other intent afoot, be it to raise salaries as soon as possible or to run for the fifth ‘at large’ councilor should the Charter pass or some other yet unseen intention.

Whatever it is, Craig is being much less than honest in his promotion now of the Home Rule Charter that he suggested before he announced his intent to run for the County Commission.

Jeanne Stewart is right, as even shown in the comments and article by the Lazy C linked above. The Home Rule Charter is now being championed by the very people that have long opposed such a change and is nothing more than an extreme reaction to the current County Commission and an effort to undo the 2012 election and restore Liberal/Progressive power on the Commission.

The rest, be it from Pridemore, the Lazy C or C3G2 is but a smoke screen, nothing more.

Mielke and Madore can be voted out in 2016 if citizens are displeased with their actions, but that Home Rule Charter will be around a very long time and efforts to amend it or change it will be more difficult than admitted.

As was said in the initial forum, it was rushed in order to get it on this year’s ballot and proposed knowing it was heavily flawed.

Far too similar to “we must first pass the bill in order to discover what is in it.”

As Marvin Case brought out in his Reflector editorial, Why I’m voting ‘no’ on the proposed charter, “The proposal may be lucrative for politicians, but it’s bad for the public.”

And at the top of my list of untrustworthy career politicians sits Craig Pridemore, from his switching his vote on a tax increase in 2005 that even he admitted was “on the backs of the poor and powerless,” to his writing an amendment to one of his own bills that kept former County Commissioner Steve Stuart from having to return some $40,000 in campaign donations, to his jumping around on taxpayer paid jobs, Pridemore has shown his focus is Pridemore, not the citizens of Clark County.

I urge you to read the May 11, 2013 Lazy C article, Overflow crowd meets to discuss recall, other options of Madore, Mielke paying close attention to the multitude of reader comments and see what the real driving force of this Home Rule Charter is.

And remember, it is a proposal brought up by Craig Pridemore before he threw his hat in the ring in hopes of returning to a seat on the County Commission.

I don’t trust Craig Pridemore, never have.

I do trust Jeanne Stewart who has the uncanny ability to see through the smoke screens and get to the heart of matters and stands with citizens, not the special interests Craig Pridemore does.

You overwhelmingly voted for change in 2012 and won it.

Don’t let them fool you into changing it back now.

2 Comments to “Pridemore & Stewart on the Home Rule Charter”

  1. Precisely.


  2. The one thing that interests progressives more than money is power. I suspect you’re right Lew – Pridemore would seek the ‘at-large’ position as it would give him the chairmanship under the charter. I sure hope people are paying attention to what’s going on.

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