Craig Pridemore: Forgetful or Just Dishonest?

by lewwaters

Craig Pridemore says the Clark County Home Rule Charter had nothing to do with reaction to anything, but that is not what he and others said last year when it was none other than Craig that brought up the use of a Home Rule Charter as an alternative to a recall of Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke due to Democrats extreme dislike of losing the majority on the County Commission and the hiring of Sen. Don Benton to head the Dept of Environmental Services.

Since it is well known around the community that the Home Rule was offered as an alternative to a recall, something they admit would be next to impossible to achieve, why try to deceive us now on the purpose, Craig?

Is he trying to offer an image of a more moderate candidate instead of the hard left Democrat he really is as he hopes to once again win a seat on the County Commission?

I doubt he is ashamed of bringing up the Home Rule Charter and spearheading the effort to get it going last year.

Whatever his reason for throwing out this bit of disinformation, it is apparent we cannot trust Craig Pridemore words.

He will say anything to once again hold public office.

This election, vote for Jeanne E. Stewart, the Best Friend Clark County could have and vote NO on Pridemore’s dishonest effort to undo the 2012 election by Home Rule Charter

Full Columbian interview may be viewed at YouTube

5 Comments to “Craig Pridemore: Forgetful or Just Dishonest?”

  1. I vote… dishonest.

  2. How can you tell if a Progressive is lying? …. Just observe if their lips are moving. Of course, he’s being dishonest. I doubt he even considers being honest in his public comments as a possibility.

    Far too many politicians (on both sides of the aisle) speak what they think people want to hear. They avoid ever to clearly state a firm solid opinion. There are no principles. There is only getting elected (and wallowing in the public trough).

    Am I a cynic about politics? You bet.

  3. If public employee accepted the same favors Pridemore received while being county commissioner, they’d be fired for ethic violations.

  4. What is Pridemore talking about regarding an “elected County executive”? The proposed charter indicates an executive that is hired by the council, who can therefore be fired, so taxpayers can enjoy the opportunity of shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars on severance packages every time the council gets rid of one.

    Lew, I thought you had written that the Democrats opposed Home Rule when it had been brought up previously? Is Pridemore lying about his support of home rule “since 1996” or was he going against the Democratic tide on those occasions?

  5. Pridemore might have brought it up in 1997, before he was on the County Commission, but his party opposed it and once he was on the County Commission, what did he do to advance it?

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