Lefty Lou’s ‘Disonestà’

by lewwaters

Lou Brancaccio CountLooks like the Lazy C’s Lefty Lou Brancaccio is at it again. His Madore obsession once again floods his weekly Press Talk editorial and he attempts this time to smear a gracious and principled woman, Jeanne Stewart.

Lefty attempts the very link I warned others of, tying her to controversial County Commissioner, David Madore, just as was done last year when she was ousted from the Vancouver City Council only to be replaced by a rubber stamp for the downtown mafia.

Now, Lefty makes a fuss over Ms. Stewart accepting maximum donations from Madore and his wife, Donna of $950 each, as if that places her under Madore’s influence.

In her defense, Jeanne mentions of her opponent, Craig Pridemore, accepting maximum donation from unions and Lefty makes no mention of Pridemore coming under their influence, even though looking at their Public Disclosure Commission pages, Pridemore accepted over three times as much money from unions than Stewart accepted from the Madore’s.

Even percentage wise, Pridemore accepted more than twice the percentage of his money from unions than did Jeanne from Madore.

Pridemore union donations: 11.6% => $7,053

Stewart Madore donations: 5.2% => $1,900

Also not mentioned by Lefty is that Pridemore not only accepted three times as much from unions as Jeanne did from Madore, Pridemore also accepted quite a few maximum donations from wealthy downtown developers and members of Identity Clark County, some of the very same people that tried so strongly to force us into accepting Portland’s financially troubled light rail through the comatose CRC.

We see names on Pridemore’s PDC as, Ed Lynch, David and Pat Nierenberg, Elie Kassab and more well known and wealthy individuals.

In fact, when it comes to maximum donations accepted, Pridemore has so far accepted 21 such maximum donations from unions or wealthier citizens where Jeanne Stewart has received only 2 such maximum donation from David Madore and his wife Donna, making her having received the grand total of 10 maximum donations.

And yet, Lefty Lou would want you to believe that Jeanne Stewart will be more under the influence of Madore than Pridemore will be under the influence of unions and wealthy downtown developers.

Saying Lefty is being dishonest, or since he likes to throw in a word or two of Italian at times, Disonestà. Deceptive would also describe what Lefty continues to pull in his weekly screeds as his obsession borders on paranoia and at times, abject hatred.

Progressive commenters under the screed accuse Jeanne of “lying” because she says she never really thought about any influence from Madore over her and if anybody has ever watched her in action on the Vancouver City Council, she speaks the truth as no one directs her to act in any manner, and that is what got her dumped off the C-Tran Board of Directors, her refusal to knuckle under to Mayor Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt in his effort to force us into light rail.

Never mind that her action actually saved funding for C-Tran and the City Council months later adopted the very stand they dumped her for.

Lefty allowed Pridemore to slide on several lies or deceptive claims during the interview, one such exposed where Craig says this Home Rule Charter was not in reaction to anything, but was just a desire to create a better government.

By now, it should be known that with these Progressive Democrats, phrases like “better government” and “coming together” means one-party rule under their party.

In spite of claims of seeking common ground, they do not compromise and when their stiff backed refusal to cooperate causes a bill to die, they simply blame the other guy with mouthpieces like the Lazy C going along with them.

Don’t fall for Lefty’s slick words, he is out to deceive you and return the County to Progressive Democrat rule.

He has reduced a small town, podunk newspaper, sliding back towards bankruptcy, into a daily newsletter for the Democrat Party.

Why the publisher, Scott Campbell hasn’t fired his sorry butt and sent him packing back to Chicago escapes me. But, that is his business, it is his family newspaper he is allowing to falter and fade away into irrelevancy.

As for Pridemore, his legacy of lying, smearing, mudslinging and following in lock-step with the Progressive Democrats has become legendary as he continues to bounce from taxpayer paid job to taxpayer paid jobs.

His record at best is spotty as was his time on the County Commission in the past. Integrity does not come to mind when I consider anything pertaining to Craig Pridemore.

On the other hand, Jeanne Stewart’s record is one of standing up to special interests and siding with the citizens of the community.

C3G2 supreme hater, Michele Wollert states under Lefty’s screed,

“Ms. Stewart no longer represents a transpartisan platform, as she strived to do when she served on Vancouver City Council. This is a whole new ball game and she has aligned herself with some people on the extreme right of the Republican party now. This will give moderates and independents pause when they consider whether or not to vote for her. She knows it and she focused on that in the audio here.”

To quote former County Commissioner, Democrat Betty Sue Morris, that’s hogwash.

Are we to believe by Michele’s rant that Craig Pridemore represents a “transpartisan platform” when his record is that of a Progressive Democrat, once proclaiming as he cast the tie breaking vote on a tax increase in the Senate that they were balancing the budget on the backs of the poor and powerless?

Or when he amended bill he wrote that just happened to allow fellow Progressive Democrat, former Commissioner Steve Stuart to not have to return $40,000 in campaign donations?

Wollert’s problem is that Jeanne, after several years in a non-partisan seat, announced she would run for the County Commission as a Republican.

Same Jeanne Stewart, same thought process, same pro-citizens stance, just announcing that she was a Republican is enough for the likes of Wollert, Lefty Lou and others to bare their poisonous fangs.

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with the lies from the left, the mean-spirited diversions and dishonest words of hate thrown about in order to invalidate the 2012 election.

Voting for Jeanne Stewart is a vote against the special interests and Progressive Democrat agenda that favors Portland, Oregon over Clark County.

And that is who will receive mine and my wife’s vote for Clark County Commissioner, Jeanne E. Stewart.

One Comment to “Lefty Lou’s ‘Disonestà’”

  1. “Lefty allowed Pridemore to slide on several lies or deceptive claims during the interview, one such exposed where Craig says this Home Rule Charter was not in reaction to anything, but was just a desire to create a better government.”

    I wonder if that is deliberate deception on the part of Brancaccio or just another example of the inability of those at The Columbian to do their homework. They appear to be either incapable of good journalism or just too lazy to pursue good journalism. Herbert Campbell must be spinning in his grave at the travesty of a newspaper his grandson has reduced The Columbian to.

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