Think you can trust Craig Pridemore? Think again

by lewwaters

At a forum when he briefly ran for 3rd Congressional District in 2010, he is quoted,

“There’s only one time the federal government should ever deficit spend and that’s a time when the economy is sluggish and we need something to get things moving again, and that’s a time like now. As soon as those times are over we have to get back to a time when the budget is balanced.”

According to Ballotpedia, when given the chance to vote for a bipartisan balanced budget requirement in 2012, he voted No.

Also according to Ballotpedia, in 2012

“Pridemore proposed a 10-year increase in state taxes and fees of $266.7 million, the 20th highest amount of proposed new taxes and fees of the 46 Washington state senators on the Freedom Foundation’s 2012 Big Spender List.”

And, in spite of his allegations of cronyism from the current commissioners, who gave preference to former Commissioner Steve Stuart so he wouldn’t have to repay $40K in campaign donations in 2005?

And this is the guy the Lazy C wants back on the County Commission?

No thanks, I’m voting for a proven citizen advocate, Jeanne Stewart

2 Comments to “Think you can trust Craig Pridemore? Think again”

  1. Precisely. He has his chance not to be a fringe-left whack job hypocrite… and he whiffed.


  2. Of note, Lefty Lou did not hammer on Pridemore about any of his fringe-left whack job hypocrisy as he did Jeanne over two donations from the Madores that amounted to far less actual dollars than what Pridemore received from unions and downtown special interests.

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