Yes, motive for charter matters

by lewwaters

HuhI’m surprised that the Lazy C actually published my letter to the editor on the motive for this Home Rule Charter, Yes, motive for charter matters

Surprised because I am banned by Lefty Lou hisself over “name calling,” my labeling then the Lazy C over their woefully inadequate and biased coverage of political issues.

As is expected, the C3G2 crowd tells me to adjust my tin foil hat and reminds me that they were at the meeting I mention, indicating I wasn’t. While that is true, I do have video of the meeting to back up my allegations of the motive posted at Craig Pridemore: Forgetful or Just Dishonest?

Don’t be fooled by these people. Don’t allow them to pull the wool over your eyes. This effort is wholly about undoing the 2012 election and creating a County where the city of Vancouver, under Liar Leavitt rules over the rural county.

While the CRC light rail project is comatose at this time, once they control the entire county as the downtown mafia behind this Home Rule change in County Government desires, you can bank on it returning with you all outside of the city limits being stuck paying for Leavitt’s nightmare.

There is no reason to have such a radical transformation of County Government where we will end up resembling King County with the City of Seattle pulling the strings in the County, all to try to get rid of two conservative Commissioners.

As I have said before, if you are displeased with their performance, you can vote them out. But with this Home Rule Charter being pushed, you will have part-time councilors that have little to do with the day to day governance of the county, that coming under the authority of an unelected Bureaucrat, the County Administrator that cannot be voted out.

And it is unlikely he / she would be fired with the expected 3 councilor majority Democrats and the City of Vancouver hope to instill.

Do not forget, the very people now desperately pushing for this switch are the very people that have long opposed any change in County Government, when their party maintained control, What Changed in Clark County?

Clark County is a great place to live as it is. We do not need to become a shadow image of Seattle or Portland so some rich fatcats can get richer off of our dwindling paychecks.

4 Comments to “Yes, motive for charter matters”

  1. I’ll take it a step further:

    The C3G2 fringe-left haters question the motive of EVERYTHING anyone to the right of Lenin does around here.

    EVERYTHING David Madore has done or is trying to do is subject to minute, mostly self-delusional scrutiny.

    It’s kinda like their hypocritical whining over David Madore banning the C3G2 hater-thread jackers from his own private facebook page… since they’ve done the exact same thing to Madore months before.

    Motives DO matter. Smoke and mirror lying of the variety they prefer?

    Not so much.

  2. There are good reasons, both pro and con, that have been put forth over the charter. I really don’t care.

    This is but a manifestation of hanging chads and dimples whining, redux. The smell of sour grapes is just too strong.

    If the proponents are truly concerned about good governance, then they can wait several years, when Madore is no longer in county government, and push for this charter again. Preferably when Democrats are in the majority of the BoCC.

    As a corollary, this exaggeration business is over the top. County commissioners decisions are bound within the framework of county, state and federal law. To listen to some, Madore’s a despot of some sort, who’s running wild and trampling on everyone’s rights. If one wants to see running wild, then please do take a look at what’s happened with C-tran this past year. While I can find fault with some number of things DM has done as a commissioner, he deserves much credit for remaining vigilant on the C-tran travesties.

  3. As I have said to others, if we decide there must be a radical transformation of government every time someone doesn’t like who wins an election, we will never have any form of government.

    Just reading Lefty Lou Brancaccio’s editorial today shows that the driving force for this is the dislike of Madore.

    That is not enough reason for me to throw a decent form of government that was considered just fine last year.

    In Our View: Solutions … No Problems

  4. Speaking of exaggerations. I’m sure that over the last year and a half or so, we’ve all heard charges that the county parks are in a deplorable state, since those entrance fees were removed.


    It was a dark and dreary night, (Well not really, but who wants to read a noir about a bright and suuny day). I’d been hearing about how bad things are in the county parks, when I was approached by a group of – community activists – they called themselves. They said “MAD OAR” Madore had wrecked what used to be nice community parks by pushing through some park fee removal.

    MAD OAR. A name, I was told, given to this Madore person by his fellow navy swabbies, for once having single handedly held off the entire Russian navy by furiously waving a hockey stick while standing in a row boat. I stared at them. I stared hard. Then I said, “Yeah, I heard that story.”

    These community activists wanted me to provide evidence about how bad things were. I chose Lewisville park for my investigation. The time: Thurday, October 9. Afternoon.

    Of course, I expected to encounter at least one roving gang of psychopaths. But no! None seen by this gumshoe, although that small Terrier on a leash did look rather menacing, and there were a number of young tots on the swings, who I fear, may have watched West Side Story too many times.

    Now about that alleged litter. I walked around for nearly an hour and a half. Here’s what I found: mostly nothing. At one covered “Commons” I think they’re called, with the tables and fire place, I found a plastic bread wrapper tie, a wire tie, and a small silver colored piece of plastic. Of course, I immediately picked these up and disposed of them in the garbage can, which I noticed was less than half full. I do admit, however, that I left a couple of cigarette butts behind. At another Commons, I found another plastic bread wrapper tie and a short plastic straw. Again, I noticed that the garbage can was less than half full. Henceforth, I made a habit of checking the garbage cans, and found them all to be mostly empty. I can report, that my big find of the day was a Nature’s Way granola bar wrapper. Sounds like something a Leftist would have left behind. I did see what appeared to be one Styrofoam cup and a scrap of cloth off in the bushes, but I left that for the experts to deal with. After all, that’s what they get paid for. I could have walked around that park all day and maybe filled a portion of a coffee cup with what I might have found.

    All the while, I was keeping and eye out for graffiti. Nope. Nada, Zilch. Except for one men’s stall in one of the restrooms which looked like someone may have started a tic tac toe game with a Sharpie. Looks like they finished their business, before they finished the game. But that was it. The restrooms were clean, the water ran ,and those hot air hand driers worked.

    EPILOGUE. Here’s my report to the critics. No litter. No graffiti on or in the buildings. No vandalism. The grounds have recently been mowed. The park is a gem. My worst experience, was seeing a Winningham sign across from the park exit.

    The End.

    So where’s all these parks that are falling apart? It sure isn’t Lewisville.

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