The Push Is On! Updated

by lewwaters

Greg Jayne facetiously notes, in his Sunday Oct. 12, 2014 column, the Democrats Home Rule opposition from 2002 and mentions how things have changed since then.

Maybe he should have used some more recent quotes displaying opposition to the Home Rule Charter:

“When a wild goose chase clearly defines itself before it even begins, responsible travelers will decline to embark on the journey. Such is the case before Clark County commissioners as they ponder another expedition into the well-known futility of changing county government to a home rule charter.”

“But, as The Columbian wrote recently in an editorial, exploring the idea of a home rule charter would be a wild goose chase, seeking to solve problems that are nonexistent. This time, we’ll opt for a different animal analogy and reiterate that it would be a waste of time, money, and energy only to have voters beat this horse again.” Columbian Editorial, In Our View: Solutions … No Problems; March 19, 2013

“Apparently unable to determine whether or not the horse is dead yet, Clark County commissioners are moving ahead with their exploration of a home rule charter. The idea of such a charter was rejected by voters in 1982, 1997, and 2002, and yet the citizens of the county can’t kill it. Commissioners last week agreed to add discussion of the matter to the agenda for an upcoming public hearing.” Columbian Editorial, In Our View: Home Rule Again, Really? June 3, 2013

Ask yourself, just why is this pathetic excuse for a newspaper, more like the daily newsletter of the Democrat Party, that diligently ignored the voice of the people for several years in an effort to force you to accept Portland’s financially ailing light rail, now repeating that in an effort to convince you to radically transform county government because the editor hates one county commissioner with a passion.

This papers editor removed all pretenses of objectivity as well as decency just yesterday and Jayne now is not far behind.

If you want the straight scoop on this Home Rule nonsense, ignore this paper and turn to one with integrity, one that actually supports the community and doesn’t try to further divide us – the Reflector.

Why I’m voting ‘no’ on the proposed charter – Part I

Why I’m voting ‘no’ on the proposed charter – Part II

Marvin Case, frequently seen interviewing candidates on CVTV, displays more objectivity than Lefty Lou has ever heard of. As a real newspaper should, Case analyzes this Charter and lays it out step by step why it is not what Clark County should go to.

The Lacy C, on the other hand, uses their personal hatred of one man to try to convince you to radically transform county government to suit their wants and those of only the far left and the downtown mafia.

The Lazy C (the Columbian for new readers) is a complete waste of bytes and paper. Instead of just reporting and allowing us, the citizens our right to form our own opinions, has for years tried to force us into adopting their opinion and that of downtown special interests, Identity Clark County.

They border on slander, yellow journalism and at times, completely ignoring relevant news, as was once done when an upstate Democrat State Senator’s son was arrested for rape, excusing it as “not a local story.”

Col, Twitter Dem Son Rape Charge

In all of my 66 years, I cannot recall a newspaper, struggling to survive, yet opposing the majority of the citizens they claim to “serve” like the Lazy C does daily. And it continues now as the desperately try to convince you to radically transform county government, a transformation that will undoubtedly place two district for county “councilors” within the city limits of Vancouver with a third of the four districts also gerrymandered towards Liberals that will ensure a permanent Democrat Controlled County under the City of Vancouver, just like King County is controlled by Seattle and Multnomah County is controlled by Portland.

That will likely see light rail coming over again in the future and you having even less voice than we previously did if this Home Rule passes.

Don’t let yourselves be fooled, this Home Rule Charter will not improve anything in Clark County, except giving special interests more control and increased access to your paycheck!

UPDATE: More evidence of the hatred from the pro-Charter people found this morning on the C3G2 facebook page under a post applauding Lefty Lou’s hate filled rant yesterday;

Leavitt, Jollota, Madore Evil

Voting yes on the Home Rule Charter just gives scum like Jollota and Leavitt more power over you, in spite of false claims of increasing representation.

Do you really want to surrender your voice to such hatred?

6 Comments to “The Push Is On! Updated”

  1. Greg Kimsey sent this graph to me in response to the comments I have been making regarding rigging of districts for the new charter.
    Comparison of proposed 4 council districts to current 3 commissioner districts using the 2012 Washington Governor’s Race

    Four Councilor Districts proposed by Clark County Home Rule Charter

    District Ballots cast Republican Votes (McKenna) % of total votes Democrat Votes (Inslee) % of total votes Over/Under Write-In % Over/Under Write-In Majority Democrat Margin Repubican Margin
    D1 43,124 17,805 41.3% 23,379 54.2% 1,940 4.5% D 12.9%
    D2 52,830 27,415 51.9% 23,125 43.8% 2,290 4.3% R 8.1%
    D3 44,396 21,721 48.9% 20,525 46.2% 2,150 4.8% R 2.7%
    D4 53,152 31,190 58.7% 19,703 37.1% 2,259 4.3% R 21.6%
    County wide 193,502 98,131 50.7% 86,732 44.8% 8,639 4.5% R 5.9%

    Three current Commissioner Districts

    District Ballots cast Republican Votes (McKenna) % of total votes Democrat Votes (Inslee) % of total votes Over/Under Write-In % Over/Under Write-In Majority Democrat Margin Repubican Margin
    D1 71,954 40,454 56.2% 28,462 39.6% 3,038 4.2% R 16.7%
    D2 62,331 32,376 51.9% 27,038 43.4% 2,917 4.7% R 8.6%
    D3 59,217 25,301 42.7% 31,232 52.7% 2,684 4.5% D 10.0%
    County wide 193,502 98,131 50.7% 86,732 44.8% 8,639 4.5% R 5.9%

    He is attempting to show that the district swings do not change using the governor’s race in 2012. The margin % got out of alignment above in my cut and paste so please note that the 8.1, 2.7, 21.6% are republican leaning numbers vs the 12.9% democrat leaning in D1 of the first graph.
    District 1 in the new system is district 3 in the current system or at least the same basic area minus a bunch of precincts that were shifted around. Note district 3 above which used to be part of district 2 below… a definite dramatic difference in it’s leaning. From 8.6 to 2.7% is well within the margin of moving a district from conservative to liberal. This district was not part of district 2 above it was part of district 3 below and district 2 below.
    Please note that there is no mention of the heavy voting districts by registered voters in the two northern districts and how that came about. Districts should be fairly even in voter count when done redistricting not lopsided.

  2. The Vancouver City Council led by Leavitt want to run the county. That is what this charter is about, reducing elected representation at the county level. Citizens county wide should REJECT the charter, and keep the elected representatives at the County level.
    Clark County Population 2014- 442,800
    Vancouver Population 2013– 167,405

  3. I like the motto of The Reflector – “The Newspaper with Integrity”. I’d like it even better if they added “…We’re NOT The Columbian”.

    I hope that Mr. Case is correct in predicting “Voters turned down a similar measure in 2002, and likely will give this ill-conceived plan the same fate.”

  4. Tim’s “Crafting ‘gavel down’ videos” is a very interesting interpretation of what actually happened.

    I always thought Madore made a mistake in taking down the videos.

    The truth shall set you free…

  5. Funny thing about that incident, while the lambasted Madore, the full video of the meeting, less the after meeting confrontation, is still available through CVTV.

    NO one has raised any hell demanding they take it down 😉

  6. An amazing argument ensuing regarding whether the districts are rigged by registered voters or by population in the C3G2 camp. Regardless of the law they are indeed rigged.

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