More Laziness at the Lazy C?

by lewwaters

Has Lefty Lou been reading my blog again? In my election predictions that I posted on September 20, 2014, I wrote of Lisa Ross;

“Ross is more of a novice without a clue of what she is doing, evidenced by her recent side by side interview on CVTV, reading every answer to questions, including her personal history, verbatim, word for word from papers held up at eye level.”

In the Lazy C’s endorsement of Jim Moeller posted October 13, 2014, they write about Lisa Ross;

“Moeller’s superiority in this race was evident during a recent side-by-side interview on CVTV, where Ross read all her answers verbatim off prepared notes — including her personal history.”

Your original thought and words, Lou?

4 Comments to “More Laziness at the Lazy C?”

  1. Not possible.

    Any “original thought” he may have had died of loneliness decades ago.


  2. Well that does it for me, if you and the Columbian are against Ross, I’m for her. Moler is a living two issue troll and this community and the state would be better served by someone that is able and willing to learn, neither of which the incumbent is capable of.

  3. He wanted a day off I suspect Lew so plagiarizing you was easy enough!

  4. I’m not voting for either of them,mjb and if you read this blog, you would have known that back in August.

    That being said, you missed the point here entirely.

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