Lasher or Colas?

by lewwaters

30 odd years is a long time to be in office.

Time for a fresh outlook, Time for Lauren Colas:

Lauren 3

3 Comments to “Lasher or Colas?”

  1. Clark County has been hard hit by the recession, residents losing jobs and homes, with the cost of medical coverage increasing significantly.. Kudos to Commissioners in District 1 (Tom Mielke) & District 2(Madore)whose pay is frozen. Time to freeze pay hikes for Commissioner District 3, and elect better representatives whose top concern is serving the county well. Considering the very generous benefits county employees and managers especially receive, difficult to understand whining for more. County employees didn’t contribute anything to insurance premiums for most of those 30 years, enjoy very generous vacation that accrues, and retirement, benefits not seen by private business owners and workers. Clark County employees have nothing to gripe about when it comes to pay and benefits.


  2. I think they ought to can the whole bunch!
    Can’t afford to retire in this county, property tax alone will eat you alive. The only way to retire here is to live at the share house and hang out under the Gazebo at Ester Short.


  3. He is nuts! Vote Colas!


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