Is Monica Stonier Still “Dedicated” to Obama?

by lewwaters

Monica Stonier HatBy now, most people in the country realize what a total failure Obama has been. Ebola threatening to spread, the Middle East coming unglued with ISIS beheading and murdering throughout the region, the national debt reaching $18 Trillion, participation in the labor force at an all-time low and so much more.

In fact, even many Democrats seem to feel he has become completely disconnected with several distancing themselves in hopes of winning reelection in a year that looks like may become a complete route for Republicans again.

According to Monica Stonier, back in 2008, she was completely enamored with and declared dedication to Obama, as evidenced below;

Monica Stonier OFA Dedication Highlighted

Monica Stonier OFA-A


Monica Stonier 2008, Moved to tearsI have never heard of Monica distancing herself, so I can’t help but wonder if she still thinks so well of Obama that she will follow suit in legislating Obama-style, should she return to Olympia?

Lynda Wilson, on the other hand, declares her devotion to the citizens of the 17th Legislative District, vowing to work on their behalf with no dedication to any mesmerizing politician.

Monica stands on her not voting for tax increases, but never mentions that her being in office ensures the party of higher taxes, Democrats, retain the majority and easily passes tax increases anyway.

Unlike other Democrats that deviate from the party line and side with Republicans that are ousted, Monica receives a pass on voting against the party.


Could it be to protect the seat and keep the party of higher taxes in the majority?

Vote smart this year, don’t fall for smoke & mirrors of being a Democrat, but not voting for tax increases.

Vote Lynda Wilson and rid our State Legislature of the Obama influence.

12 Comments to “Is Monica Stonier Still “Dedicated” to Obama?”

  1. Haven’t been hearing all that much about it lately. Wonder if she’d admit to it now?


  2. I just sent her an email asking about it. I don’t expect to hear back because she hadn’t answered an earlier email I sent in regard to other matters. This is very disturbing to me. This is in addition to her lack of support for a 3rd crossing, her support for smaller class sizes without a way to fund them that wouldn’t significantly increase the burden on Washington taxpayers, and her equivocation on I-594 (apparently she objects to the ‘inadequate’ language of 594 – not the idea of restricting gun rights) have caused me to seriously question who I will vote for. I had planned on voting for Stonier. Well, I guess I could give Wilson a shot. We’ll see how she does (if she wins).

  3. Lynda Wilson is clearly supported by the Koch Bros and/or folks of their political persuasion. I think I’d take my chances with Monica. I want my kids to have a civil society in their future – not the “survival of the fittest” Darwinian society that Wilson embraces. Our politics have been poisoned long enough by billionaire influences. Monica is supported by workers, not billionaires. That says enough for me.

  4. Really? Is Monica that desperate now to claim Koch Brothers? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Apparently, you do not know just how successful Lynda and her husband have been in the business.

    By the way, have Monica do some research, Koch Bros are number 59 on the list of all time wealthy donors. That means that 58 others have donated more and the highest donations went to,,,,,,, wait for it,,,,,,, DEMOCRATS!!

    Heavy Hitters: Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2014

    I know honesty is not high on the list for Democrats, but y’all can do better than this bogus claim.

    By the way, since you bring up workers, Lynda and her husband have created more jobs, hired more people and signed more paychecks than Monica ever has.

    They created wealth for workers to pay taxes so Monica can draw pay from those taxpayers.

  5. Incidentally, G.Prescott, do you know whether or not Monica is still so enamored with Obama?

    Does she still support his foreign and economic policies as she did before?

    She hasn’t been as vocal of late on that 😉

  6. At least one person here seems to have assumed incorrectly that I support billionaire or millionaire influences as long as they go to the proper politicians.

    I see that someone also assumed, incorrectly in my opinion, that a person’s character, integrity, or their abilities as an effective elected official can be predicted or somehow correlated to the number of jobs they or their husband created.

    At least one person has also assumed incorrectly that I can, or would ever presume to, speak for Representative Stonier.

  7. Don’t have to assume anything, your previous comment speaks for itself.

    Especially being so worried about the Koch Brothers, who also donated some $100 Million to a New York Hospital, incurring the wrath of Liberals and unions for doing so.

    And you’re right, that is the type of people supporting Lynda Wilson, good hearted people that share their good fortune, not take away from others.

    If you do not wish people “assuming” the worst of you, perhaps you could choose your words a little wiser.

  8. The Koch brothers have also recently donated $25 million to the United Negro College Fund.

    “The billionaire industrialist Koch brothers, known best for shepherding big money to conservative causes and candidates, have given a $25 million grant to the United Negro College Fund, the organization announced Friday.” —

    Of course, Leftists are frothing at the mouth over this one. The AFSCME has severed ties with the UNCF, and encourages everyone else to do the same.

    “AFSCME International strongly encourages all affiliates and other progressive institutions to also withdraw from any existing partnerships with UNCF and to work instead with local institutions of higher education, faculty members, students and community allies to support the goals of the Union Scholars Program…” —

    AFSCME. That’s the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employee’s Union. Sometimes, one is just speechless.

  9. I for one don’t care who the Koch Bros. support, but I think it’s not only laughable to suggest the they are interested in Lynda Wilson’s campaign, but is disingenuous as well to suggest that Stonier is supported only by ‘the people’ (incidentally, I’ve noticed a marked increase in the use of Marxist buzz words in this election cycle – next we’ll be hearing ‘bourgeoisie’ and ‘proletariat’). Yes, she does have the support of individual contributors, but she also receives the support of unions throughout the state.

    Lynda Wilson receives the support of individuals as well, but I haven’t seen any contributions to her campaign from either of the Koch Brothers. If Prescott can identify them or their proxies he should do so.

    I don’t really care much for Wilson. Not personally as I’ve never met her, but as a candidate. I watched the entire interview The Columbian had with her and Stonier. Monica Stonier was forthright, eloquent in defense of her record, and had some carefully thought out ideas that she presented. Wilson’s responses were stiff and she appeared to be responding with campaign slogans when she was able to coherently respond at all.

  10. In Lynda’s defense, being interviewed by Brancaccio is like entering enemy territory. Watch again and see how he hammered on Republicans, but not Democrats over Madore.

    Those interviews were in hostile territory for Lynda, Jeanne Stewart and some others.

  11. Why would someone not mind associating with Obama? Let’s see….we have had 55 straight months of job growth. Unemployment is at for the US is at 5.9%. Record stock market values. Record corporate profits. Uninsured Americans down about 8%. The deficit is falling.

    If this was a corporation – something you don’t have an emotional investment in – you would applaud these accomplishments. This is an even greater accomplishment when you consider the blatant resistance Obama has faced.

    What is not to like?

    I am not say there is no room for improvement. There is. But viewing facts objectively, you can see things are better now than when he took office. What other measure is there?

  12. Very little can be said to be better since Obama took office. You also forget, improvements began after Republicans took the house in 2010 and the Democrats one party rule ended. You also forget that Democrats took control of both the Senate and House in 2007 and had full, complete, filibuster proof control from 2009 to 2011 when Republicans entered the majority in the House.

    Don’t presume to know how I would view a corporation either. In spite of all of the Democrats wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Koch Brothers, it is a fact that they are number 60 on the list of all time donors to political causes, Democrats receiving the most donations from corporations and unions over the years.

    Obama receives no more resistance than did either Bush or Reagan. In fact, such resistance seemed to be the proper thing to do then, according to Democrats. But somehow, when a Democrat is in control, everybody should just roll over? Strange set of beliefs y’all have.

    Never mind any deficit, what happened to Obama’s claim that adding to the National Debt, when it was Ten Trillion was unpatriotic as he has raised it to over 18 Trillion in 6 years? That is what is going to bite future generations in the ass and all Democrats can do is call for it to be increased?

    Democrats are abandoning Obama by the droves as they hope to win reelection. But from what you say, Monica isn’t one of them?

    Back up and look objectively at the Middle East, National Debt, record numbers of workers not participating in the workforce, wages decreasing, civil unrest, cutting the Military while our enemies are increasing theirs and Obama seeming detached from reality and objectively, he is a walking fiasco.

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