Why Vote No on I-594?

by lewwaters

It is your rights at stake. I-594 will not do anything to decrease crime or keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals. Criminals do not follow the law, what makes anybody believe they will follow this law?

Vote No on I-594

2 Comments to “Why Vote No on I-594?”

  1. I am from a family of gun owners. My mother served in active duty Marines and the Naval reserves. We all believe that to have a gun is our right via the 2nd amendment, but a right to be taken VERY seriously. Guns are not toys, they are not objects to show off to your buddies for fun. Guns are made to harm or kill other living things. And EVERYONE who takes the grave responsibility of shooting a weapon, should be fully trained and mentally and morally competent to do so. Any reasonable gun-owner knows that guns don’t belong in the hands of everybody, because of a public safety issues. And whether you own a gun or not, there is no guarantee that you will have a gun on hand when a criminal or crazed person decides to discharge his/her weapon in a place where you or friends, or family members are unarmed and unprepared. I say if gun-owners want to protect their second-amendment rights they need to act responsibly, rather than promote the idea that they have no concern for the safety of the greater public. Making sure that gun shows and online gun sales conduct background checks makes it more difficult for anyone to buy a gun who would not pass the background check. As it is now, gun shows and online sales are an INVITATION to criminals and crazies. I for one, am not interested in supporting invitations to criminals to buy guns easily.

  2. I’ve been around guns since I was born. If qualifiers are needed, my Dad served in WWII and Korea as did my uncles, 6 of them. I myself served 8 years active Duty US Army, 18 months boots on the ground in Vietnam.

    That being said, I and every gun owner I know practice safety and do what we can to protect our families and our second amendment rights. I abhor illegal guns in the hands of criminals and that is the crux of this flawed bill.

    It will do nothing to prevent criminals from buying a gun illegally or stealing one. It places an undue burden on law-abiding citizens and allows their gun to become registered with the Gov’t authorities when transferred or lent.

    For someone so into guns, you are very ill-informed about gun shows. Criminals cannot just walk into one and buy a gun without submitting to a background check. I know because I had to wait for such a background check to take position of one prior to obtaining my concealed carry permit. The so-called gun show loophole is a myth to fool the non-gun owning public and entice votes for this poorly written initiative.

    Online gun sales too absolutely must be delivered through a licensed gun dealer, it is already the law.

    And, if someone ignores the law now, as criminals do, what makes you think they will obey this if it becomes law?

    Go back to Zach Silk or Bloomberg and tell them that canard will not fly here.

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