Mayor Leavitt, “Gutless & Spineless?”

by lewwaters

Leavitt 5The Lazy C was sure to boast of Mayor Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt boycotting the recent Keynote speech Lt. Gen. Boykin, cowering from complaints by pro-Muslim group CAIR.

It turns out that the event ended up selling out after Levitt’s cowardly boycott, joined in by fellow Vancouver City Council Members, Larry J. Smith (Colonel, ret, US Army Ranger) and Anne McEnerny Ogle. Video of the General’s speech can be seen here.

General Boykin, ever the gentleman and appreciative of Leavitt’s avoiding the speech and possibly distracting him, thanked him and CAIR both very publicly on his facebook page this evening.

Leavitt Gutless & Spineless, Gen Boykin

I couldn’t agree with the General more.

What he and Smith did was a direct slap in the face to a genuine War Hero and faithful servant of our country and God.

As for CAIR, when I see them offering up half as much as the General did over his adult life to oust or identify the extremists that continue hiding in their Mosques, I’ll consider giving a damn what they say.

And don’t bother telling me that the majority of Muslims are peaceful. I already know that and as Brigitte Gabriel said, “they’re irrelevant” until they decide to take a stand against those from within their religion.

7 Comments to “Mayor Leavitt, “Gutless & Spineless?””

  1. Precisely.


  2. Lew, you and the rest of America needs to wake up. ISLIME is not a religion at all but a world domination movement founded by a pedophile and run by misogynistic, bloodthirsty fanatics. Read the Koran, it tells its followers that deception is on of the main tools to use in infiltrating and subverting the cultures of the non believers. Moehamud is the son of Satan, the ones MuSlimes call Allah. Like Boykin, I do not fear Islime, I fear those amongst us who, cannot or will not recognize the evil in our midst.

  3. Don’t know just what I need to wake up to, Joseph. I have been speaking against extremists and Jihadists for several years.

    I own a copy of the Qu’Ran, by the way and several translations of the Bible.

    Personally, I am not big on any religion, but try to live my life on principals found in the Bible, as best as I can.

  4. Didn’t mean to get you off to a bad start, I hope the remainder of your day is peaceful and joyous.

  5. You actually didn’t bother my day at all, Joseph, just letting you know that I am awake. 🙂

  6. The media (and not just The Columbian but radio and TV as well) was falling all over itself lionizing Mayor Leavitt for his “courageous stand” against “intolerance and hate”. It’s interesting how the media is so intolerant of ‘intolerance’ when it comes to a those they find easy to tolerate (for political or philosophical purposes), but simultaneously are intolerant of those they identify as political enemies at home. Strangely, they aren’t intolerant of their own intolerance.

    I’ve lost count of how many times Brancaccio has attacked Madore, Benton, and Mielke. I no longer read his tiresome little column, but I would suppose that he is continuing to spew his intolerance of them to this day. Shouldn’t Leavitt then boycott The Columbian?

  7. Shame on the mayor & especially Larry Smith, who showed disrespect to a fellow Army officer & war hero. And he tries to tell us that he cares about veterans…Oh really?? And, Joseph…thanks, you speak for me.

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