Meet Monica Stonier

by lewwaters

Vote for Lynda Wilson and let’s restore sanity in Olympia

8 Comments to “Meet Monica Stonier”

  1. Well done Lew!

  2. Right on Lew, well stated!!!

  3. Monica Stonier is exactly the kind of politician that created the mess that is California. I escaped from California to get away from people like her — so I would never vote for someone who’s ‘in bed with’ the public workers unions, and other rent seekers that wish to milk the taxpayers for their pet projects.

  4. The one thing we should never forget with Stonier is the words by the Lazy C when they declined to endorse her in her initial run back in 2010.

    They wrote, “Stonier, a teacher, quickly and clearly specifies public education as her top priority. She obviously has the background and expertise for that. But she also sings pitch-perfect the talking point serenades of the Washington Education Association, the teachers’ union. Stonier shows no inclination to force public employees to incur the same pay and benefits sacrifices that private-sector workers have suffered. Her big campaign advantages over Hash are party connections and political clout. She — and not the eccentric attorney/accountant/computer nerd/rich guy — is the darling of local Democrats.”

    When Jim Jacks resigned in disgrace in 2011, Monica quickly moved from the 17th to the 49th to throw her hat in the ring for the nomination. Hearing that she wouldn’t make the cut since she hadn’t lived their long or switched her voting district, voters got a cock & bull story that she wasn’t really interested in trying as she was in the process of moving her family.

    However, by 2012 she firmly remain (or moved back) to the 17th to once again try for office in the 17th.

  5. Seems there has been a bit of the moving around to run for office happening down here. Strange.

  6. Have you heard whether or not she supports 1351? I sent her an email asking about it but haven’t heard back yet. 1351 is a bill written by the WEA for the WEA. It has little to nothing to do with education. The bill is all about increasing WEA membership.

  7. All I have seen from her so far is from the Lazy C;

    “State Rep. Monica Stonier, D-Vancouver, said decreasing class sizes will mean hiring more teachers and building more classrooms.”

    “We have a lot of corporate tax exemptions for big businesses that are turning over $1 million in profit,” said Stonier, who is a teacher coach. “They have a lot of tax breaks that our working families don’t get. We need to go through those with a fine-toothed comb. For instance, an exemption to park their private jets in Washington tax free. There was no way I could bring myself to vote for that. I don’t want to raise taxes until we’ve rolled back some of those types of exemptions. I will do all of my work in that area before voting for tax increases.”

    In one of her newsletters she claimed, “Another bipartisan proposal, HB 2797, would have lowered class sizes, created 7,000 jobs building thousands of K-3 classrooms across the state and moved us closer to our goal of fully funding education. This bill also did not receive a vote in the Senate.”

    Click to access Stonier-2014-EOS-News-to-print.pdf

    I would have to guess she supports it, but will not admit to it.

  8. I wonder if Monica understands that raising taxes on businesses is the equivalent of raising taxes on everyone? Democrats seem to have a disconnect there. They don’t appear to understand that businesses will simply pass their increased costs, whether they be fuel expenses, labor expenses, or taxes, onto consumers.

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