Why Vote for Jeanne Stewart Over Craig Pridemore?

by lewwaters

Pridemore ScowlIt is widely known and acknowledged that during her entire 12 years on the Vancouver City Council, Ms. Stewart sided with citizens over special interests and was her own person, not following anybody’s lead or pressures from downtown special interests.

On the other hand we have Craig Pridemore jumping from office to office, consistently following party line and obediently obeying downtown special interests.

Here are the highlights of Pridemore’s career. Pridemore has voted for, or spoke in favor of (see attached files for details here and here):

•multiple taxes & hikes, lodging tax, building fee hikes; 44% increase in builder’s fees; extend real estate tax; cell phone 911 fee; building permit fee; increased property tax; gas tax increase; ground water fee; voted to continue 11.7% surcharge on most development fees; raised fees for reviewing subdivisions, zone-change and other permit requests by 44 percent;
•bridge tolls (sponsored the bill that allows tolls)
•elimination of the 2/3 majority in Olympia
•elimination of the 60% for levies
•light rail
•increased density while knowing it will increase traffic congestion
•forcing cities to accept more apartments
•Wanted C-Tran to merge with Trimet
•County joined suit against Initiative 722
•supports “smart growth”
•Supported millions in state dollars to Vancouver’s downtown conference center.
•Stem tide of Portlanders by increasing housing prices
•Wants State law change to allow immovable growth boundary
•Resigned Clark County Commission midterm
•Voted to raise taxes, after claiming he was against
•Pridemore knowingly increased housing costs by increasing land value
•Wants to eliminate Electoral College by backdoor
•Will lead climate effort (which will raise energy costs)
•supported the 15 cent gas tax increase
•Co-sponsored legislation to charge $9-$12 fee on TV & computers
•Supports large sales tax increase (1 penny/dollar)
•reimposing an inheritance tax was a “great idea.”
•Give school leveies a second try in May
•Pridemore  supported the now comatose CRC plan.
•Pridemore supported referring a temporary sales tax to voters
•it’s time to consider “a wealth-based, income-based” tax
•Voted to charge for access to state parks and lands
•Proposed real estate excise tax
•Vote against restoring 1% property tax limit.
•Supports tax abatements for developers (which takes money from basic services)
•Opposed Oversight of CRC
•Sponsored bill to allow tolling on CRC MISC
•said I dont believe there is any such thing as good sprawl.
•Eventually, either sprawl must be allowed or slower traffic must be accepted, Pridemore said. Slower traffic is better.
•”I think a major part of the solution is a recognition that density breeds congestion,” Pridemore said. “So a realistic set of expectations is important.”
•Clark County might come to Vancouver’s rescue with as much as $500,000 a year for the city’s long-discussed convention center. …”I think that’s a good project that would generate substantial economic activity,” county Commissioner Craig Pridemore said.
•Craig Pridemore, a county commissioner, indicated that Washington transportation policymakers have an obligation to keep the HOV lane in operation
•County budget director: Growth doesn’t make financial difference

These points were collected from scanning Columbian archives from 1996 to Summer 2014 for Pridemore’s political history.

Never mentioned in the Lazy C was Pridemore’s removal from a bill in 2005, House Bill 1226, a provision that would have required his appointed replacement on the County Commission, Steve Stuart from having to return nearly $40,000 in excess campaign contributions he received for the special election after he was appointed to replace Pridemore. Stuart was also recommended by Pridemore to replace him.

Defending the action as “more of a generic thing” and after Stuart admitted talking to Pridemore about the bill, but supposedly not about removing the provisions, Pridemore claimed, “I know it would have effected him, my concern with it was a generic thing. Very frequently, having some large donors is a good thing.”

Reading the Lazy C of late and even Craig Pridemore’s comments on his facebook page, I guess those “large donors” is only a “good thing” if they are donating to Democrats, like Pridemore, Charter Yes or Monica Stonier hoping to keep her seat in the 17th that recently benefited from nerly a quarter of a million in attack ads from the WEA against her opponent, Lynda Wilson.

Records speak loudly and it is obvious, Jeanne Stewart is the only real choice for Clark County Commissioner.

2 Comments to “Why Vote for Jeanne Stewart Over Craig Pridemore?”

  1. Pridemore is a Steve Stuart clone:

    “And I’ve said it before: I don’t speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for “the people,” I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren’t.”


  2. The answer is simple, Stewart’s opponent is out of the typical Demo mold of being very effective at wasting other people’s money, belittling those they do not agree with and paying off political IOU’s with taxpayers money.

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