Shane Train Gets Desperate

by lewwaters

Shane Gardner, Madore Endorses AtkinsIs the Shane Train really so desperate that one of Gardner’s supporters ordered up a bunch of these signs then sets them up around town at Atkins signs and sets up a phony David Madore’s Friends page??

Do you want a Sheriff that is silent over such dirty, underhanded tactics from his supporters?

If he allows such dirty behavior now, how much dirty behavior will he ignore as Sheriff?

Atkins is also endorsed by Mayor Tim Leavitt, former Mayor Royce Pollard, and Tony Golik. It is said that the signs were purchased by a young Democrat named Pond that also set up the phony facebook page, David Madore’s Friends.

UPDATE: I am now informed that Pond has been placing these signs at other Republican candidates signs as well as Vote No on the Charter signs.

2 Comments to “Shane Train Gets Desperate”

  1. I thought it was a plus to have those signs up. I saw a couple on Charter No signs in my neighborhood.


  2. I guess the irony is lost on Democrats that they are making a boogieman out of an entrepreneur who built a very successful business from scratch. A man who, with a background in cutting edge electronic design and manufacture, then volunteered to look into redesigning the technologically ancient traffic light infrastructure (he was turned down flat by Clark County bureaucrats). A man who saw a fatally flawed design and plan for replacing the I-5 bridge, and found that when he spoke up about it and hired a forensic accountant to expose those flaws, was told to shut up, and as a result saw that the only way to have his voice heard was to run for County Commission. A man who has asked nothing from the County and has given much in the way of his own money and hard work. This is the man the Democrats despise so much. Yes, I expect the irony is lost on them.


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