by lewwaters

Does she ever think before speaking?

4 Comments to “Monicaism”

  1. What’s a ‘disabled community’? Does she mean Clark County is disabled or does she mean that the disabled live in their own community? I hate buzz phrases like that. That type of phrase is used to imply of course, that the person speaking it is ‘involved’, and ‘vitally aware’ of the needs of said community. That they are ‘connected’ and ‘concerned’ and have created one or more ‘outcome based’ proposals for said community.

    Conflating the disabled with graduating students doesn’t make sense. Maybe she just forgot she addressing a question about the disabled.


  2. Geez! Chewing gum must be a real chore, especially if it involves walking


  3. Really guys? Are you really unable to understand English? She says that the disabled students leaving school need housing assistance, and that them having housing is important. If you can’t even understand this phone call… I don’t know what to say for ya


  4. I guess when you fabricate words in your mind to suit your narrative, it comes out that way.

    But not when you listen to her actual words.

    I tend to rely on what is actually said, not what others say they meant to say.


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