When Hate Drives the Agenda

by lewwaters

A prime example of those that would radically transform the Government of Clark County Washington because they despise one Commissioner.

Over a personal facebook page? Seriously?

6 Comments to “When Hate Drives the Agenda”

  1. This guy needs serious help.

  2. A member of the Democratic Party Brain Trust.

  3. http://old.cityofvancouver.us/cvtv/cvtvindex.asp?section=25437&folderID=4147
    Click “public hearing — siting of marijuana related facilities — related facilities” @34:30 on the video.

    Click “public comment — clark county issues” @13.50 on the video

    Click “public comment — clark county issues” @20:20 on the video.

    I happen to believe that drugs ought to be legalized, as criminalizing drugs is government infringement on personal liberty. In any event, the only thing that’s happened has been to drive the black market with dire consequences. Just the same, this guy puts a bad face on the issue, and of other supporters.

  4. He does leave the impression of having a few tokes prior to the Commissioner meeting 😉

    I have read of others that feel this Home Rule Charter will somehow regulate Madore’s facebook page, forcing him to allow them to comment freely on his personal page.

  5. knucklehead!! nothing more to say

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