Two More Reasons Not To Vote for Craig Pridemore

by lewwaters

Alycia Nipp and Anna Svidersky.

Many may not remember or may be unaware, but in early 2009, a 13-year old girl was brutally stabbed to death by a level III repeat sex offender in Hazel Dell. Her name was Alycia Nipp.

The murder happened just a few blocks from my home and being a father myself of daughters, it hit close to home.

I shot off correspondence to every state official from Clark County demanding stricter sentencing and handling of these repeat offenders.

Craig Pridemore, then a State Senator from the 49th District, did not respond, even though the murder was in his district and I am a constituent within the 49th.

Even though I’m not in the 17th District where Sen. Benton is State Senator, I did receive a response from him.

Disturbing was seeing that then Sen. Pridemore, days after the brutal murder of 13-year old Alycia, voted for a bill, SB 5288 (2009) to ease restrictions on some sex offenders.

Two blog posts I wrote about it back then are at and

Prior to that, there was the 2006 murder of 17 year old Anna Svidersky at the McDonald’s on Andressen by another twice-convicted schizophrenic sex offender.

Anna & Alycia
Why wouldn’t Pridemore take a serious view of repeat sex offenders with two murders of young girls in his district?

Even before the murders of these two young girls, we read where Craig Pridemore was the lone no vote on a bill sponsored by his own party to stiffen penalties on “sex predators, including child rapists.”

We don’t need someone like Pridemore that doesn’t act to keep level III repeat sex offenders away from our children sitting on the County Commission.

3 Comments to “Two More Reasons Not To Vote for Craig Pridemore”

  1. in the 2013 Legislative session, Sen. Don Benton co-sponsored SB 5094 – a bill designed to provide notification to school staff and to parents when a sexual predator is enrolled at a school or is employed by a school. It looks like the bill is languishing or is dead – not sure which, but my guess is that Democrats are holding it up or have killed it. They did the same thing with ‘Jessica’s Law’ which Senator Benton also sponsored. The bill was eventually codified after enormous pressure was put on Democrats who tried to kill it.

  2. The ususal liberals are sure doing a lot of whining in The Columbian’s comments section. Apparently they’re afraid that Pridemore is going to lose I don’t know why they’re reacting that way. Who wins the Commissioner election is irrelevant in that the charter passed. All of the ‘councilors’ will be powerless anyway, so why does it matter so much at this point who wins between Stewart and Pridemore?

    Apparently the liberals are greedy as well as being whiny. They may lose the Commissioner race and the Stonier/Wilson race, but they won pretty much everything else. 1351 is passing, 594 won, 591 lost.

    1351 is going to be a nightmare. How will the State pay for it? Heck, were behind the game as it is without 1351. Even raising the sales tax won’t cut it. They’ll need to raise the property tax as well. I’ve heard whispers of an income tax. Maybe that’s the next thing coming.

  3. Early on, this new leadership of the county GOP decided to relegate me as irrelevant and not knowing anything. I know you are aware of their efforts earlier this year in smears and denigration of me and my efforts.

    Somewhere along the line, a conscious decision was made to ignore whatever I posted and not to share or spread it.

    Whether or not it would have made a difference will never be known, but I feel Jeanne Stewart’s race should not be as close as it is. She should have had a decisive win I feel.

    If you look back at the predictions I listed and provided Jeanne Stewart pulls it out, I will have gotten 14 of the 15 I predicted right.

    The new leadership of the GOP may claim otherwise, but you’re right, they lost more than they gained.

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