For Election Results

by lewwaters

I VotedI won’t be posting on results this evening as I will be away from my computer most of the evening. But, links below are being provided where you can read the results of local and state races as they are released. Results should be released after 8 pm.

For local results:

State and Congressional results:

However the elections go this evening, we better begin remembering we are all Americans and ignore the efforts of bitter division separating us. We will never agree on everything nor should we. But the bitter battles and “my way or the highway” mentality seen far too long needs to come to a screeching halt, if we are to survive.

Good luck to all.

2 Comments to “For Election Results”

  1. What is the status of the Senate Majority Coalition? The Democrat who replaced retired Rodney Tom has won the Senate seat in the 48th District. Did the Republicans pick up a seat to replace it? If not, is the Coalition dead?

    In other news, Democrats have proved that they will vote for anyone with a D after their name – even if it’s dead. They voted for a cadaver in the 30th District, re-electing the late Roger Freeman, and another one in the 49th, re-electing zombie Jim Moeller.

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