Updated: Hate To Say ‘I Told You So’

by lewwaters

Dog FrustrationIn the November 10, 2014 Lazy C: CRC lingers in long-range plans

Ask yourself, why didn’t they admit any of this BEFORE the election where they pushed for a transformation in county government?

This blog was among the few that shined light on the Home Rule Charter effort being in part to resurrect the comatose CRC light rail project. While others focused on claims of diluting the Commissioners to councilors and gerrymandering of districts in hopes of benefiting the left, this blog focused on motives of the effort.

In part, that effort was to undo the 2012 election to oust two conservative Commissioners that stood in the way of the CRC light rail project at the behest of the citizens of Clark County. It grew out of an effort to recall them that was unwarranted.

I even created an online flyer that those now puffing out their chests, basking in some sort of self-proclaimed glory of the elections that were won, chose to ignore.

Charter No 15a

The charter easily passed and now, we all are stuck with it, forever!

We warned that once passed, efforts would begin to breathe new life into the comatose light rail project and often were scoffed at, even by elected officials that should have known better. Think about it, why else would TriMet refuse to terminate that 40-page contract so hastily entered into last year?

Add to this mix the effort by C-Trans to push ahead with Bus Rapid Transit down Fourth Plain, from Westfield Shopping Center (formerly Vancouver Mall) to downtown Vancouver.

What for? What good does it serve unless there are still plans for go around numerous voter rejections of light rail and build it anyway?

And now, the Lazy C, in what I take as rubbing citizens noses into the ground over fooling them into approving the radical transformation of county government, admits what I have been saying all along, the project proclaimed “dead” is very much alive and still in play.

Only this time, should they succeed within a few years in stacking the newly former “County Council” with their people in the majority and select another of their people as the new County Administrator, you will be left out of the process.

As previously mentioned, after voters rejected every single funding measure presented, efforts to bypass voters to move ahead with the project began.

But, instead of heeding the warnings here and elsewhere, those that allegedly lead boast of how they successfully won some elections that likely would have been won anyway while claiming of those of us that were warning about this of “writing a lot of comments on Facebook and blogs that only preach to a very small choir,” as well as purging long-time supporters and activists from their midst.

It all leaves me wondering about their real intent and just how opposed to the CRC they really are.

The warnings seemed to have fallen on deaf ears or were intentionally ignored as the charter passed by a fairly safe margin and post elections efforts to invalidate that will likely produce no results.

The local GOP is puffing out their chests and boasting of how well their efforts, and their efforts alone, swept in a “changing of the guard” when in reality, they picked up only 1 legislative seat and 1 County Commissioner that should have won by a landslide instead of a close race and that soon will be reduced to a part-time County Councilor.

In the most important issue on the ballot, Home Rule Charter, they got their asses handed to them!

And now we see a blatant admission that this blog and others have been right all along, the CRC light rail project is still very much in play.

Can’t say you weren’t warned.

UPDATE: Further evidence is now seen in yet another refusal from TriMet on terminating that ill-thought out contract that brought much scorn to the C-Tran Board of Directors last year. We read from TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane, “In my three decades working in this region, I have seen countless projects ‘paused,’ only to be rejuvenated through innovation, new funding opportunities, or unexpected changes in circumstances,” adding “Leaving the agreement in place at this point costs nothing to either party, while terminating it would undo a great amount of cooperative effort and resources that were put into designing it. Given this view, TriMet will take no action to formally terminate the agreement at this time.”

Additionally, we now see the beginnings of a whole new push by the Lazy C to resurrect the bloated boondoggle once again with their Nov. 13, 2014 editorial In Our View: Need Remains For I-5 Bridge

If you have never learned anything about these CRC loving, taxpayer raping Liberals behind this scam, know they are the most patient scum on the face of the planet. They will not stop until the world is of their liking and that means taking more of your paycheck so their bank accounts swell.

9 Comments to “Updated: Hate To Say ‘I Told You So’”

  1. Because they were busy making the denial statements in an effort to make sure the charter passed!


  2. Personally, I think their posting it now was to gloat just a little on how they fooled the voters with that charter


  3. They need the CRC because BRT makes no sense without it. The plan is to run the BRT from the Mall to Downtown then have everyone get off the bus and get on another one to shuttle on down to the Max at Expo. That means people coming from the outskirts will have to change at the Mall and Downtown and at Expo and again in Portland most likely. They won’t do it and so BRT will die on the vine if not propped up by taxpayers. They’re hoping people will demand that we extend light rail into Downtown.


  4. I’ve said all along that BRT shows light rail is still in the plans. There is no other reason for it.

    But, all I received was scorn and smears.

    As I said, hate to say I told you so, but, I did tell you all.

    Maybe the powers that be that felt it best to marginalize me will pick up the baton, but I fear it is too late. It’s only a matter of a few years now.


  5. Lew I think you need to come up with a descriptive, more current alternative to the ‘Lazy C’ moniker. I’m thinking ‘Lyin’ C’.

    I’m puzzled at how ICE, The Columbian, and the local Democratic party are so successful at bamboozling the electorate. Why couldn’t voters connect the dots?

    I’d also like to know why there have been no criminal investigations into the CRC fiasco. Will the new CC Commissioners Board demand the resignation of Jeff Hamm since he was so intimately involved in the eminent domain deal with Tri-met? As far as I know, that contract is still valid because those on the C-Tran Board who supported it either were too stupid to put a poison pill into the contract, or more likely, knew that the CRC project was on life-support and would probably die, so they wanted the contract to apply to the next CRC project that came along. Again, why no criminal investigations?


  6. Jaime Herrera Beutler told me a couple years ago that she had been trying to get an IG investigation into the CRC.

    I’m still waiting.

    And, as far as that Trimet contract goes, that remains a very sore spot with me as I was told by a County Commissioner it was “irrelevant, null & void,” until I asked others and sought more information, copying him.

    The information I asked for was diverted to him the same night I was told it was still being looked into, not to come to me until four days later.

    He was wrong, but made sure he looked good when it was discovered how wrong he was.

    I’m just not the bigger person when my efforts here are undermined by the side I tried to support.


  7. Herrera continues to prove how utterly worthless she is.

    There is no “try.” there is only “do,” or “no do.”

    Placating those of us demanding justice with a “trying to get” something is a waste of time and space.

    That said, the dots connect here. They have never stopped going after their prize and we will never stop fighting it.



  8. “know they are the most patient scum on the face of the planet.”

    I think you can say that about the Progressive movement in general. They have been working for decades to achieve their ends. The Reagan era was a bit of a setback for them but they didn’t give up…just kept chipping away at the foundation. This recent election is a mere blip to them. They fully expect to regain the Senate and maybe the House when Hillary is elected in 2016. I don’t know if the Constitution will survive two Progressive administrations. Obama is beating the crap out of it right now with all his executive orders and his refusal to abide by the Constitution.

    I’m sure they care about the delay in getting light rail to Vancouver (and you can be sure it is always going to be about light rail regardless of what Brancaccio and friends say), but as is seen here, they will not give up until they have made Clark County part of Portland Metro (I believe that’s the real reason for getting Tri-Met’s foot in the door with LR). How they will achieve that goal in that Clark County is in a different state, I do not know.


  9. The concept of a bi-state metropolitan governance entity that would include Clark County is very possible and probably likely to happen whether Clark County citizens want it or not. It is without doubt the vision of regional planners (although they are keeping quiet about their plans) and is being pushed by the EPA.



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