Where’s the CCGOP A-Team?

by lewwaters

Dems, Shooting own footNow that the elections are over and I am sticking to my former position of letting this new Clark County GOP carry the ball, since they engaged in a months long smear of me and this blog for exposing their dirty, underhanded tactics as well as deemed this blog “irrelevant,” I can’t help but notice besides blustering how they swept the elections due to their “reforms,” where are they now on daily matters of importance the Lazy C ignores?

While they boast “Instead of just hanging 50 signs per square mile and writing a lot of comments on Facebook and blogs that only preach to a very small choir, this version of the CCRP is employing a ‘ground game,’ where are they informing people of what is happening?

Opposition to the Oil Terminal grows, there was a forum held at the Library on climate change, Inslee is talking of increasing taxes and implementing his “green” program, light rail from Portland is again being discussed and more.

So much going on that nobody will hear about, such as just last evening, a Saudi National was detained after he drove through the gate at Ft. Sam Houston outside of San Antonio, Texas with explosives in his car.

Where is their counter to the Lazy C, since my blog is “irrelevant?” Why aren’t they picking up the ball and running with it?

Are they waiting on Madore to publish his promised “new media” this year?

Do they buy into “If you want to stay up to date on what’s happening in Clark County then look [at Madore’s facebook page]. If it’s not happening David will make it happen?”

Are they just unaware of what is happening around them?

Do they even know what they are doing?

They did not defeat me. Instead, I decided to let them sink or swim on their own, candidates I supported winning and the largest issue facing the county, the Home Rule Charter, they failed to stop from passing. By appearances, they seem to be drowning, unbeknownst to them, though.

Maybe they did not realize there is more to this game than just “hanging 50 signs per square mile and writing a lot of comments on Facebook and blogs that only preach to a very small choir,” which seems to be their current action.

Well, this seems to be how they wanted it, so far be it from me to interfere and carry their water for them as I have over the past several years and in excess of 710,000 views of this small local blog.

And, from what I see, the Lazy C is ecstatic with them.

Way to go, RLC.

3 Comments to “Where’s the CCGOP A-Team?”

  1. While the GOP success in the last Clark County election is to be praised, I don’t know that the CCGOP committee did much, if anything, to help. Perhaps putting 50 signs per acre is the key to success. I certainly was unaware of any “ground game” in my neighborhood — or in my precinct. Indeed, in the “affluent middle class” area where I live the County Charter should have failed — while my neighbors all helped elect Republicans to those jobs we had on our ballot, the County Clerk’s office reported a majority as voting for the charter. I suspect that the misleading material in the voter’s guide may have swayed some of the vote — and I also suspect that a great many who voted did not actually read the new charter nor did they understand the ramifications it holds. (Since I’m a recent escapee from California — where I lived under a “professionally managed” county government and where the nearby cities are almost all operated by a “city manager” (this form is built into California’s basic city/county governance laws, so it appears in both “charter” governments as well as “statutory” governments.) I can assure you that a “professionally managed” government is one that has much less responsiveness to the will of the local electorate and is much more likely to end up kowtowing to public worker unions. Note that the “professional managers” tend to bail out when things start looking bad (from the inside) and therefore escape the collapse that comes a few years later. (The former manager having applied to other, larger governments for a new “promotion.”)

    At this point, I can only hope that the lawsuit (to be) filed against the charter election proves fruitful.

    I’d also like to see this new CCGOP committee recruit solid candidates to replace the third-rate backbencher we have in Congress and other candidates for some of the local positions where qualitative improvement is needed. Though, I do not hold much hope of improvement there.

  2. I agree. I see a few postings from Mr. Berrigan that make no sense or of little interest, but that is it!

  3. Perhaps just maybe the rumors are true. I hear that our local board member is causing a raucous in Cowlitz and Lewis counties.

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