Lazy C Goes Full Moron

by lewwaters

Ron Paul CrybabyIf you ever needed evidence of how inept the local blight on the community, the Columbian, better known as the Lazy C, really is, you will find it in their In Our View column of Monday, Dec 1, 2014.

Imagine, they believe they have the pull to make demands of select elected individuals, primarily County Commissioner Jeanne E. Stewart.

They state, “New commissioner Stewart must prove to residents she’s no one’s puppet”

Can you recall any other elected official being given that demand?

I don’t.

Not Liar Leavitt, Steve Stuart, Betty Sue Morris or any left wing twit ever elected.

Why no call of Jim Moeller, Sharon Wylie or Annette Cleveland to prove they aren’t puppets of the downtown mafia or Democrat Party?

While Madore has dug his own hole, Ms. Stewart was elected by a majority not to follow lock-step with Liberals that opposed her. But she was elected by more conservative voters to act on everybody’s behalf, something the Liberals have never done, evidence by Betty Sue Morris recently asking on the C3G2 hate site, “Is it possible for an elected official to ‘represent all of us’?”

Remember, Betty Sue was a County Commissioner for a number of years.

Is she saying she never had any intention of “representing all of us” while in office?

Bear in mind too, the Lazy C opposed Jeanne E Stewart for County Commissioner, choosing to back Craig Pridemore that has shown repeatedly his lock-step with Democrats, CRC and the Down Town Mafia. They also played a role in seeing her voted off the Vancouver City Council in 2013.

There was no pretense on Pridemore’s part of representing everybody, unlike Jeanne E Stewart.

Jeanne Stewart is known to weigh every matter carefully and support or oppose based on her views, something that has gotten her smeared by this very paper in the past.

When she “declared her independence” from Liar Leavitt and the CRC by breaking the block veto, a move that saved C-Tran incidentally, she was not praised for it, but was unceremoniously thrown off the C-Tran Board of Directors.

Lefty Lou did not defend her against that action nor did he praise her for declaring any independence.

Stewart will act as she deems appropriate, whether in agreement with Madore or not.

She will not, as the Lazy wants her to, be their puppet dancing to their tune.

Tough noogies, Lazy C. You lost this one and are in no position to demand anything of Ms. Stewart.

My recommendation to the Lazy C is to go pound sand, jerks!

5 Comments to “Lazy C Goes Full Moron”

  1. Precisely.


  2. They are trying to validate themselves in the eyes of the public on this.

  3. Their only hope of validation would be to become objective.

    Something far outside their ability.

  4. The Columbian will NEVER be objective under current mentally defective ownership and management..

  5. True and self validation is Rarely a good measuring stick

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