Shame on Both Political Parties

by lewwaters

As most realize, today, December 7 is what has been known as “the date that will live in infamy” due to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor back in 1941 that thrust the United States into World War Two.

It is a day to be remembered and has been remembered since.

Locally, there is a yearly Remembrance hosted by the Sons & Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors to keep the memory alive, what with survivors of that fateful day being short in number now due to age.

It is a day that is non-political, not owned by Democrat or Republican and a day any political differences should be put aside to pay respects to those who lost their lives long ago and the few remaining that paid a high price for our freedoms.

Even the local paper, well-known for its bias, runs articles every year focusing solely on those who were attacked and features interviews with the aging survivors.

Many facebook pages  feature commemorations, comments and photos respectfully today.

It is a day all claim to revere.

So why is it that neither of local political parties bothered to include mention of the day or the Remembrance Event on their respective calendars? Could they not be bothered in their haste to best each other? Below are screen shots I took today, Dec. 7, 2014 from each party’s web site calendar. Note, neither even mentions the day, just left it blank.

7-7 Dem

7-1 GOP

Viewing facebook pages for each party reveals no mention there either.

12-7 facebook GOP

12-7 facebook Dem 1

12-7 facebook Dem 2

Both party’s should be ashamed at ignoring this day and not informing their members.

One Comment to “Shame on Both Political Parties”

  1. I agree! The group which works hard to put on this event is doing so to both honour those who served during this extremely horrible confrontation as well as to educate the people as to the atrocities which may happen should we not stay vigilant. Lack of attention and attendance is possibly one reason we have been repeatedly attacked the last 14 years right here in our own homeland.


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