An Open Letter to Lefty Lou

by lewwaters

Brancaccio FiatFirst and foremost, Lou, lay off the retard pills!

Now, let’s get some things out in the open, shall we?

Your management of the local Pravda has done more harm to this community than anything I can think of. Your rants disdain and hostility towards those who dare believe differently than you reduces your “editorial talents” to that of a schoolyard bully.

Yes, I said B-U-L-L-Y!!

You seem to think that your position, unelected I might add, gives you power to determine what those elected by the people should and must do?

Toro merda!

We, meaning the community, have watched for a few years now as your crassness towards conservatives has grown to the point of every week it is expected to see another smear against those “M&M boys” and Sen. Don Benton.

And now, after applying similar smears towards Jeanne Stewart, you think an editorial smear thinly disguised as an “open letter” warning her how she should act as a County Commissioner will force her to do your bidding?

May I remind you of some of your own words from the recent past towards Ms. Stewart?

July 16, 2013, “…her contributions to the council and enthusiasm for the job are on the wane. And with the arrival of two highly capable challengers, we believe it is time for a change.”

“…she has built no meaningful alliances on the council and repeatedly has clashed more than collaborated with colleagues over C-Tran, waterfront redevelopment and other key issues. Stewart was unable to compellingly explain to The Columbian’s editorial board why she didn’t file to run for mayor.”

October 26, 2014 you ran an editorial, “Who Owns Stewart?”

Your allegiance to the CRC and to the radical left shows, brightly. Your denials make you look the fool you seemingly are. Especially when you publish nonsense as:

“But our coverage is a reflection of who politicians are, what they do, how they act. Blaming the messenger — the newspaper — is an age-old political trick. Most readers see right through that excuse.”

What we “see through” is your veiled threats and efforts to direct public policy to cling to the Democrat agenda with your “poison pen.”

And now, you issue just such a threat towards Jeanne Stewart with your alleged “Open Letter” to her in your Sunday screed, essentially telling her what she is and is not “permitted” to do as our newly elected County Commissioner.

Although not directed towards you, her words spoken to a somewhat ‘nasty’ question from a commenter on Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014 should apply to you as well.

You see, Lefty. You’re nothing more than a hired hand at what should be a relevant source of information for Southwest Washington and not just the daily mouthpiece for the Democrat Party and downtown mafia.

In essence, you’re no more important than someone hired to shovel horse shit out of stalls on a ranch.

You claim to be the “newspaper of record,” but your readership and subscription rate, in spite of being the largest paper in the immediate region, is decreasing as potential readers and advertisers seek more relevant sources.

You bandy about with your dumbass “Don’t do stupid stuff” coffee mug as if it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It isn’t.

And we all have now realized that what you mean by “stupid stuff” is anything you and the Democrat Party disagree with as if only your marginally thought out view is what matters.

So go ahead, issue your veiled threat toward Ms. Stewart and ignore your own buffoonery. Citizens see you for what you are and hopefully one day, so will Scott Campbell, if he still has a newspaper operating.

And I would like to remind you, lefty. We the people, the majority of voters in Clark County elected Ms. Stewart and those “M&M boys” by numbers greatly exceeding the circulation of your rag.

If you really wish to direct policy, run for office and get your ass handed to you as did your favored candidates in the last election. See just what the public really thinks of your efforts.

Since you were so kind to post another comment, I’ll include it here for all to see and hope you realize just what the man says to you.

Richard has it right, Lefty.

Your boring, hostile screeds bring nothing of benefit to the community and only serve to show how small you are and further divide the community in a failing attempt restore one-party rule by the Democrats.

As is expected, the usual slate of C3G2 haters have lined up in the comments defending Lefty Lou and his vitriolic screed, claiming they see no threat. Of course they don’t, they see only what they wish to see. As Lefty says in comments under his screed;

Some folks see things that simply do not exist. I call that “projecting.” They assume something will happen when they begin reading my column and then project their assumption regardless of what I write.

I am just counting the days until David Madore’s promised new media is up and running.

Madore Demise of OneUPDATE June 7, 2015: Tragically, we now see that County Councilor Madore is no better than Lefty Lou, given that his much touted “New Media” turns out to be simply renaming his facebook page as “Newspaper.” In the meantime, his that has been successfully up and running for several years has sat idle since November 2014.

“Promises Made, Promises Kept?”

Not hardly.

9 Comments to “An Open Letter to Lefty Lou”

  1. He is a not-so-funny joke!

  2. Isn’t Lew Bragadocio from Chigago where cronyism and patronage are standard and threats and coercion are a Democrat Art Form? It’s difficult to say anything good about the system you believe in when corrupt Democrats are not in full control.. No wonder you always act as if you are operating in a hostile environment, freedom, transparency and political independence are such foreign concepts to a corruption loving socialist..

  3. Blah Caca is a small leech in a small slime puddle.

  4. The Editor of the Columbian should just pack his bags and head back to the shock jock radio program where he came from, myself and others are sick and tired of the bashing of our elected officials. I refuse to read both his column or the Editorial board column. I have taken the paper in the past, but I guess in this case I will vote with my dollar and stop receiving this sad excuse for a paper.

  5. Must reading for Scott Campbell, surely he sees the idiocy of Brancaccio.

  6. Well said Lew. In my opinion Brancaccio is a scurrilous coward. He hides behind the cover of Campbell’s newspaper taking shots that he would not have the courage to take otherwise. Whenever someone questions him, instead of having the courage and integrity to answer the challenge he hides behind the rhetoric Lew wrote of. “Don’t do stupid stuff”? You should try taking your own advice Brancaccio.

  7. I was very pleased with Commissioner Stewart’s response.

  8. I was too Carolyn Crain – very impressed with her. Wish the other two would do that once in a while when necessary. I also liked the dressing down Brancaccio received in the second clip. “Stick to writing about your colon” – love it!

  9. I’ve always interpreted “stupid stuff” as buying a building with money you didn’t have and handing it back to the bank, while trying to maintain an aura of responsibility.

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