Lazy C Pegs Hypocrisy Scale ….. Again!

by lewwaters

Tits on a bullLeave it to the blight on our community, the local daily mouthpiece for the Democrat Party better known hereabouts as the “Lazy C” to always show us what true hypocrisy looks like. Under the leadership of Lefty Lou, they never fail to show complete and utter hypocrisy as they work towards implementing a one-party rule under the leftists.

The Monday, Dec 15, 2014 “In Our View” editorial gives us an excellent example of just that.

I’m not going to delve too much on the actual subject, County Commissioner Tom Mielke’s proposal to “prevent County Administrator Mark McCauley from consolidating or eliminating any of the departments as he assumes new power as county manager when the charter goes into effect Jan. 1” as that issue will be settled soon after a public hearing and open discussion between the County Commissioners.

And considering I thought the notion of revamping County Government because our local leftists despise the commissioners was silly and ridiculous, I really don’t care that much how it ends up.

No, what grabbed my eye was the following at the end of the editorial,

“In the end, voters clearly want the county manager to have control over county departments; approving the ordinance at this time would amount to political subterfuge; and many, many people don’t think county government has been very, very successful.”

As I read it, they claim that since the Home Rule Charter was approved, it should be implemented as it was written, even though it isn’t very clear, was rushed and is a confusing charter.

Their words “voters clearly” indicates to me that the charter should left as is because voters passed it as it was.

However, in the past voters “clearly voted” as well and the Lazy C either supported or remained largely quiet as the expressed will of the voters then was nullified.

For example, even though voters have “clearly voted” 5 times that we want a requirement of a 2/3 supermajority for the state legislature to increases taxes, Democrats and Education groups sued to have our votes invalidated.

Likewise, every single financing measure that made it before the voters to fund the CRC, light rail from Portland and Bus Rapid Transit down Fourth Plain Blvd has been defeated when we “clearly voted” against them.

Did the Lazy C complain when efforts were launched to circumvent the voters and move ahead each time?

The Lazy C was a major supporter of the comatose CRC light rail project, so then our “clearly voting” didn’t seem to matter as C-Tran moved ahead, wasting some $200 Million.

And now we see it with C-Tran’s plan to build a Bus Rapid Transit line down Fourth Plain between the Mall and downtown.

What for?

There is no logical reason for such a line other than the plan to once again, move around voters and eventually bring light rail over from Portland, completely ignoring us “clearly voting.”

But when it comes to the leftist agenda of the Democrats, the Lazy C is all about honoring the vote.

The hypocrisy slides right off the scale.

2 Comments to “Lazy C Pegs Hypocrisy Scale ….. Again!”

  1. The columbian sure is worried about it. Is it political or do they have some sort of financial stake in it.

    Thanks again for another great article Lew.

  2. Lew, to point out yet one more example of yellow journalism by the Columbian is akin to finding yet one more flea on the hide of a disreputable mutt.

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