Is Jeanne Stewart Still Just a “Madore Lackey?”

by lewwaters

Madore & StewartI am sure readers will recall the demeaning claims made against Jeanne E. Stewart in her successful campaign for Clark County Commissioner this year against Democrat, Craig Pridemore.

Even the Lazy C and Lefty Lou couldn’t resist piling on her and tying her to County Commissioner David Madore, hated nearly as much as is Sen. Don Benton.

Nowhere were the smears against her seen more than by comments on the facebook C3G2 hate site as commenters piled it on. From their page, a small sampling of what we saw;

Andrew Cleveland “Those two [Madore & Stewart] are joined at the hip.”

John Kilvik “Let’s not forget how Ms Stewart blamed the Columbian for the loss of her council seat in the last election and accused the paper of falsely exposing her political and financial dependence upon Comm Madore. Her complaints then were as duplicitous as her recent statement claiming no knowledge of Madore’s attempt to circumvent campaign finance law.”

Melissa Smith “…. We don’t need anymore Madore puppets. I like Jeanne but this is bigger than her. IMHO~”

Pat Jollota “I worked with Ms Stewart for many years. I voted for Craig Pridemore.”

After winning;

Cheryl Bledsoe “Text message from a friend: ‘Memo to All County Employees: Dust off your resumes’!”

Patricia Bergren “Get out the zombie gear. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Esther Schrader “Look at it this way: now we will get to see how the Charter works under the worst of circumstances.”

Brian Eggleston “The caption should read ‘With more informed and active voters, we could have __________’ “

Dylan Normington “We have no proof that she will be independent. She agrued with Levitt, but he didn’t buy her seat for her. Madore thinks that she owes him. He will be pressuring her. He violated state law. H er seat was won with dirty money.”

Nancy Jeffrey “Her statements to the Reflector clearly show that she is happy to ignore the wishes of ‘her’ district. She considers the Charter ‘a mess’ – bad mouths the freeholders and all the work they did? She is working, along with the M&Ms, to try and make the Charter fail. She has already publicly shown disrespect to Commissioner Barnes. Jeanne Stewart does not play well with others!”

I think you get the gist of it. Haters on the left did not like that their boy lost to Ms. Stewart and made no bones about it.

They spared little in claiming how she would be aligned with Commissioner Madore and how bad that would be for the county.

But a very curious thing happened just today, Dec. 16, 2014.

As most know, Commissioner Mielke proposed an ordinance that would have codified current County Departments before the new Home Rule Charter kicked in. The Lazy and haters from C3G2 quickly labeled it the “Save Don Benton’s Job” ordinance and have been up in arms over it.

The Lazy C even editorialized on it with hints of Ms. Stewart better not “Do Stupid Stuff,” meaning oppose the position of editor, Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

As it turns out, that ordinance was defeated today at the County Commissioner Meeting by, ….. wait for it…… both Commissioners David Madore and Jeanne Stewart, both of whom voted no.

In other words, they both did the bidding of the haters on C3G2 and the Lazy C by aligning themselves together, the very thing both warned about happening that would be detrimental.

And yet, their doing so accomplished the very result they demanded.

So what now?

Is she still just a Madore lackey?

Is he still the worst thing to come along in our history?

Did this vote prove they are “joined at the hip” as claimed before?

It must be difficult for them to be so wrapped in their hatred and now be presented with such a dilemma, that being their doing exactly as they feared resulted in exactly what they wanted.

As for me, I’ll just keep sitting back and laughing at them all.

And for why I laugh, the Lazy C, even though the vote went as they demanded, prints the story under a negative headline.

Col, decline to protect depts

Add to that, the very same Nick Ruark that trashed Ms. Stewart and Mr. Madore numerous times on the C3G2 hate site now says, “Chalk up a sensible, rational, responsible vote by Madore and Stewart. Yea Clark County! (Gee – did I really say that about Madore?)”

Like spoiled brats, getting their way is the only thing that matters.

6 Comments to “Is Jeanne Stewart Still Just a “Madore Lackey?””

  1. I was simply put disappointed that Commissioner Madore did not wish to codify a timeline for the departments. A point of future up or down voting decisions on the policy which is the job of the council now and in the future. I do not understand his position. His argument was that as a CEO he allowed the excellent people around him to run his company efficiently only showing up for board meetings two times a month. Is that how he sees his job now?


  2. As previously stated, I really didn’t care how this one went.

    My whole point is how the leftist haters in our midst trashed Jeanne during the campaign, endless accusing her of being glued to Madore at the hips and will vote lock-step with him.

    But since they did so for something how they wanted it to go, all is well and she is a great person.

    Just showing once again the complete hypocrisy of those people as once she votes against their wishes, she will be worthless and just a stooge again.

    Did I mention they make me sick?

    And, if David voted against it in an effort to improve his image or likeability in the county, he failed where they are concerned and might have damaged it with those new R3publicans.


  3. Liberalism REALLY IS a mental disorder. And yeah, these Leftist hypocrites are a sick joke.

    I was wondering, for anyone that may have an answer: how come citizens of incorporated areas, i.e. cities, get to vote in county commissioner elections? For example; Vancouver is its own sovereign and Clark County is ITS own sovereign.


  4. We’ll be Vancouver/Portland County soon enough.

    As the downtown mafia desires.

    As for voting, I do not know why it was originally set up that way, but with the charter, only votes within a district will elect councilors is how I read it.

    That sets us up for 4 councilors seeking to cover only their district and screw the rest of the county.

    The 5th at large will be elected county-wide.


  5. C3G2 Scum: the bane of our existence.


  6. They seem to believe they now are some form of shadow government, everything must go as they demand.


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