What Happens With the “Will of the Voters?”

by lewwaters

C-TranIt is well known that the Lazy C and editor Lefty Lou are total hypocrites when to comes to matters and issues affecting our community. We have seen far too many times they support neglecting the “will of the voters” to move ahead with something in spite of public opposition.

But we also see when it is what they and the downtown mafia want, such as the Home Rule Charter and the recent ordinance proposed by County Commissioner Mielke, they fall back on “will of the voters” that passed the Home Rule Charter to oppose the ordinance that was defeated just yesterday.

But, over the years, that “will of the voters” did not seem to matter as repeatedly, voters rejected any proposal funding CRC light rail and BRT down Fourth Plain, just to mention two.

No, even though the CRC light rail is comatose, C-Tran continues pushing ahead, with the full support of the Lazy C and Lefty Lou, will of the voters be damned.

Of course, they twist the numerous rejections as voters reject only that specific means of funding, ignoring that in spite of promises, we have never been permitted a direct up or down vote.

And now that C-Tran has responded to the citizen lawsuit against BRT, claiming they are within their legal authority to move ahead, will we see Lefty swinging his dumbass coffee cup in the faces of the C-Tran Board of Directors, to entice them to abide by the will of the voters?

No, he wouldn’t dare.

Will of the voters is of no concern when it is the desire of the downtown mafia to move ahead. Like any other leftist, the ends justify the means, just so long as they get what they want, citizens and our will be damned!

Hypocrite doesn’t even begin to describe these low-lives’s fighting to make us just like Portland.

Will of the voters?

Only when it suits their purpose.

7 Comments to “What Happens With the “Will of the Voters?””

  1. November, 2012, over 56.51% of Clark County Ctran voters rejected the Ctran proposition to extend high capacity light rail on the proposed CRC bridge into Clark County and build unnecessary and costly BRT on 4th Plain.
    Every city in Clark County rejected the CTRAN proposition. How does CTRAN get away with ignoring the results of the ballot measures they themselves place on the ballot?
    The Seattle Attorney says they can.

    C-Tran Proposition 1 November 6, 2012. “Resolution BR-12-009 and RCW 81.104 authorize a proposition to increase the sales and use tax by 0.1 percent, or one penny on a ten dollar purchase, to fund the C-TRAN share of the maintenance and operations costs ONLY of the Columbia River Crossing Project light rail extension between Expo Center and Clark Park & Ride and the local capital share and operations and maintenance costs of the Fourth Plain Boulevard Bus Rapid Transit project.” http://www.clark.wa.gov/elections/results/2012/2012Nov6ElectionResults.pdf

  2. This rag and the slimeball running it can’t go bankrupt fast enough.

  3. Gee Margaret, think that will get Lefty Lou to hold up his ridiculous cup at C-Tran meetings?

  4. No I don’t. In 2011, The Columbian ran so many articles in favor of that CTRAN sales tax hike they should have been counted as campaign contributions. And they blew off the citizen concerns that the $$ raised to “preserve our busses” and provide for CVAN service for disabled riders would be diverted to light rail. Then when the citizen warnings that any tax hike would be diverted to high capacity transit like light rail and BRT came true, the Lazy C gave CTRAN a pass. The Seattle attorney also assured the CTRAN board that they could use the $$ for light rail, no problem. Commissioner Madore read outloud the policy in place at the time that prevented CTRAN from using funds for light rail. The attorney said he recalled the policy differently, as did Leavitt, and the lazy C failed to report this!!! Are you kidding? They didn’t have to rely on their lousy memories, they all have computers at every meeting to be able to look up the policy, which Madore had done. It seems to me that a good attorney would look up the policy, re-read it aloud, then confirm that CTRAN had a policy in place that prevented the use of the funds for light rail, and stopped the diversion of funds

  5. And the Columbian reporter could have looked up the hard to recall policy and put a link in the story. At the time, the link to the policy PBD-015 was active. Now it is not, because Steve Stuart urged the CTRAN board to rescind the policy against using CTRAN funds for light rail under the guise of just getting information. The majority of the CTRAN board then voted in favor of rescinding the policy, for the purpose of getting information????. The dirty deed was done.

  6. I’m not holding my breath for either Lefty or Jayne to editorialize about “will of the voters” this time.

    Nor do I anticipate any of their crack reporters to actually research it, much like they acted over Jim Jacks compared to Richard Curtis.

  7. I fell for their rhetoric (in 2005 I believe) when they said that C-TRAN would fail if voters didn’t approve the proposed measure and they promised the that funds would be used to make improvements to the system. They lied. They still have the same dysfunctional system – even shutting down a park and ride a 137th and 18th St that they’d spend millions building. Instead they used the funds for pay raises. I’ll never believe another thing Hamm and his coterie of liars (including you Brancaccio) has to say about C-TRAN.

    Lou’s (and by extension The Columbian’s) hypocrisy regarding the ‘will of the people’ is rather blatant and obvious to anyone who will take an objective look. As Lew has said, the will of the people on any particular issue is only important to them when it mirrors their own.

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