Don’t Break Your Arm, Lefty

by lewwaters

Back Pat 2As expected, since County Commissioner Jeanne Stewart cast the vote defeating Commissioner Mielke’s ordinance, the Lazy C’s Lefty Lou Brancaccio can’t help but crow as if he and that dumbass coffee cup of his were responsible.

Let us recall that it was Lefty and his cronies that did everything they could to see her not win the election. And, they nearly succeeded.

I had no opinion on the ordnance itself, so how the vote went did not matter to me.

I do find it somewhat comical now that since Ms. Stewart joined in voting with Commissioner Madore, the major point of the left’s opposition of her I might add, to defeat Mielke’s ordinance, they are beside themselves.

But, it was this blog that during the campaign made the point in regards to Ms. Stewart,

“This may be difficult to grasp for some people, but Jeanne Stewart is the best hope to stop what you may see as Madore’s push, if she sees something that she feels might not be as beneficial to citizens as it could be.”

“Where Pridemore would just obstruct, and be voted down since he would not be able to present any logical reason to oppose whatever it might be, Ms. Stewart, after her usual careful consideration, would be able to articulate cogent and logical reasons to not move forward with something and would likely be able to convince at least one other Commissioner to go along with her, if not both.”

While she did not need to convince another Commissioner either way in this vote, she did do just as I knew she would, carefully weigh the matter and vote according to what she felt were in the best interest of citizens of Clark County.

Her vote had nothing to do with Lefty Lou sitting down front and flashing that ridiculous cup throughout the meeting.

Sorry Lefty, but you just aren’t that important around here, no matter how you inflate your ego.

I long for the day that there will be an effective counter to the Lazy C in Southwest Washington, my meager efforts to do so irritating the far right in control of local GOP to the point they felt it more important to silence me instead of countering the Liberal mouthpiece.

While their effort largely failed, it has left me with a bitter taste towards the CCGOP and a few others and is the reason I am not near as active in blogging as I once was.

Basically, I left pondering who is worthy of support and finding very few now.

Jeanne Stewart was one I had no doubts about and she is performing exactly as I predicted, supporting citizens over special interests.

We can expect this praise of her to be short-lived, though.

Lefty will soon disagree with a vote of hers and all will return to normal for them, hateful smears in hopes of getting her in line with the leftist views.

I, for one, will continue ignoring their nonsense.

2 Comments to “Don’t Break Your Arm, Lefty”

  1. Absolutely on target.


  2. Lou’s self delusion in attempting to take credit regarding Stewart’s vote is partially due to the unfortunate fact that he has no understanding of moral integrity. Look it up Lou. They probably have dictionaries down at The Columbian.

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