Police: Deserving of Our Support and Cooperation

by lewwaters

Police Lives MatterIt appears that it has become more popular than ever to smear and oppose the Police Officers in our country for doing the very job we hired them to do. In this bloggers opinion, that is not just folly but completely wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, there are bad officers that let the job go to their heads and some that should not be on the force, but I also feel that although they are a small minority, they receive the bulk of media attention.

Then too, of late it seems the media has gone out of their way to smear good Cops for acting properly, such as we saw in Ferguson, Missouri in recent months. It is the media that has joined in the fervor of anti-Police smears, often running erroneous claims and feeding those that claim to be “protesters.”

Most disturbing to me is seeing an increasing anti-Police rhetoric on Republican websites, or by those claiming to be Conservative that has wormed their way into the Republican Party.

Such was the case on a recent facebook post honoring newly elected Clark County Sheriff, Chuck Atkins on his taking the oath of office. Sad to see the comment “If only he cared enough about individual’s rights to defend us against overreaching government when the time comes.”

The commenter seems to believe that a Sheriff is a paramilitary position to ward off laws he personally disagrees with.

We saw a similar attitude a couple years ago during the “Occupy Wall Street” fiasco where those people were echoing that same sentiment, expecting the Police to ignore their oaths to uphold and enforce the law and side with them in permitting them to violate local ordinances and just do as they please.

Yet another post appeared on the Washington State Republicans facebook page asking the question, “Are most cops good? Don’t answer that till you read this.” with a link to a blog by an alleged “dynamic no nonsense liberty speaker.”

That post proclaims;

To be a good cop you MUST PASS ALL 3 of these tests.

Treat your employers (the people) with respect.
Honor your oath and protect the peoples rights.
Be principled & oppose those that violate liberty & their oath.

Also claimed is;

“You’re not a good cop because you don’t violate my rights. You’re a bad cop if you don’t protect them with your life! That’s the only measure that counts and if you can’t handle that, I don’t hate you. You just need to find a new job.”

Perhaps the blogger does not realize that officers are not hired and trained to do his bidding, but to uphold the laws passed by a majority of the people and elected officials. While they do work for the public, the public is a very diverse group and they are not hired to support only one group above all others.

In my mind, a Police Force that caters to just one group of the “the people” would result in the very Police State they frequently claim to be coming.

Also troubling is seeing an increasing call to not cooperate with Police. Be it at DUI checkpoints (illegal in our state) or immigration checkpoints inside our borders to give us a secondary point to stop illegal aliens sneaking into the country, more and more we see videos instructing others on how to not be cooperative, comparing Police asking for identification to Nazi Gestapo asking to see “your papers.”

For states where DUI checkpoints are legally being used, have you forgotten that you demanded Police do more to catch drunk drivers before they cause wrecks and kill innocent people?

We see also cries of Police are little more than revenue agents for cities, fabricating reasons for tickets and arrests. While this has happened and some people have been wrongfully charged convicted, those that are caught abusing their authority have also been known to end up in deeper trouble than the ones they accused.

I previously covered the so-called “Police Militarization” earlier on. I find it ironic that those crying about the Police receiving surplus weapons feel that they have every right to them under the second amendment.

Officers are human and no amount of training can prepare them every instance they face. As we have seen in the last few months, Police Officers around the country are being ambushed resulting in deaths of likely good officers.

We’re hearing cries of “What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we want it? Now!”

Would you like to go to your job every day with such calls hanging over your head, knowing you are targeted with no regard for how well you do your job, just that you wear a uniform?

This is not a case of Cops, right or wrong. Our media spares no ink in running headlines for incidents by a Bad Cop, but buries the everyday good performed by many officers, if they publish them at all.

It is not Liberty to call for Police to be opposed and demands laid on them to defend only you. That is closer to anarchy.

And no, none of us like being stopped by the Police. But, what many fail to realize is that Officer stopping you might just have saved your life if you were speeding or driving recklessly. In the case of a drunk or buzzed driver, the stop likely saved his life and the lives of others, children especially.

The people I know that have become Police did not do so to enjoy some power trip. They did so in order to protect society as a whole, not just one small group.

And yes, I get that the Police are not very popular, mostly by those that feel they do not need to follow or adhere to society’s laws, that somehow they are elite and above the mundane tasks of abiding by the laws written and passed by society.

Likewise bad Cops need weeded out and from where I sit, no one is more wanting of them being weeded out that the rest of the Police doing their jobs every day and catching the flak.

Without the Police, society would quickly devolve into a lawless anarchy where anything goes, rape, murder, robbery, you name it.

And who would you call then?

DSC01382cProtesters and rabble rousers will not come to your aid.

Not unless they decided to form their own version of an Armed Police Force to enforce what they decide should be enforced.

It is time that this nonsense stopped. Officers are our neighbors and just as human as we are. They are not supermen.

They deserve our respect and yes, cooperation.

Maybe, just maybe if more people showed a little respect and cooperation, an Officer would not feel the need to keep his hand on his service weapon while talking to us if we are pulled over.

We are all in this together, don’t ever forget that.

18 Comments to “Police: Deserving of Our Support and Cooperation”

  1. While I generally agree with your post, Lew, I’ll take exception to your last sentence.

    Here’s why. I’ve noticed, imo, two “unofficial” tenets of the Democrat party (which I’m not suggesting you’re a part of). One is to “vote your own self-interests”, and the other is that “we’re all in this together”. The first conflicts with the second. The second, implicitly justifies collectivism through government, which is what the Left is all about, and is a repudiation of the notion of pursuing one’s own life, liberty and happiness.

    The notion of limited government provides for a certain scope of government which nearly everyone can agree with. After that — just who is in what with whom — is a matter of freedom of association; one of the paramount natural rights recognized by the first amendment to the Federal Constitution.

  2. I so agree Lew. I have only really met one officer I ever felt was even sketchy in their power play of their job. These guys have every right to self defence. We spend a lot of time and money screening and training our safety officers. I for one would rather help keep them safe and on the job protecting my rights and person than to see us whip up the flames of anger and distrust causing us to lose good men or women for naught.

  3. Kndalai, when I wrote that I was more thinking along the line of we all hang together or we each hang alone.

  4. Thanks Lew. Great post!

    Liz Pike WA State Representative, District 18 State Email: Liz.Pike@leg.wa.gov Personal Email: ElectLizPike@comcast.net Cell (360) 281-8720

    “We the people, are the rightful masters of both the Congress and the Courts. Not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow those men who would pervert the Constitution.” — Abraham Lincoln

  5. Thanks Liz. I look forward to you, Lynda, Ann and others doing well up there this year.

  6. The problem is the police are above the law. Were the police held to the same standard as the people (which they are supposed to serve) there would be no problem.

    Were I to negligently toss a grenade that disfigures a two-year-old’s face, I would certainly face charges, yet the police assert they would “do it again.”

    New Mexico police have effectively raped, with no consequence. At least the doctors have been somewhat punished, but to date the police have not been punished. (http://freedominourtime.blogspot.com/2013/11/welcome-to-deming-new-mexico-where.html)

    In the Chicago shooting (with the kid w/ the bb-gun), there was apparently no warning issued.

    The question to ask in all of these is, are the police held to a higher standard than common citizens? In my opinion the police should be held to *at least* the standard of a citizen, but instead they are given an almost complete pass. My opinion is that since the police have additional power, they should also have additional responsibility/accountability.

    Most troubling, in Clark County we have a situation where the police fired upon a law-abiding citizen, where no warning was issued, and where (due to the distance) there was no credible threat. Where is the accountability? Lew – what is your opinion on that? I was disappointed to see the Reflector didn’t touch the issue in their most recent interview w/ the sheriff.

    I’ve been somewhat amused by the discrepancy in the “right”‘s intrepretation of events re: law enforcement. The Bundy standoff was “good”, but the New York shooting was “bad.” I would really appreciate an official Republican explanation of when objection is officially approved.

    Bonus points for justifying the American Revolution.


  7. My opinion on firing upon that man is one I would relate to a “fog of war” scenario. An active shooter situation, someone with a gun where the shooter is said to be, not responding to calls to lower the weapon (calls were not heard apparently).

    As I have said, they are human beings and not as perfect as is expected.

    But for some reason, are expected to make perfect assessments in less than the blink of an eye.

    Cops are MORE hesitant to shoot armed black suspects than whites, study finds

    As for that questionable blog on rape, I hope if he is confronted with a robber, burglar or real rapist of his family, call a Ron Paulie or protester, leave the Police out of it.

  8. “As for that questionable blog on rape” – hmm, is $a 1.6 Million settlement questionable?

    “Hidalgo County, New Mexico, Manager Jose Salazar, the top official in the county involved in the settlement, declined to comment on Thursday. And a CNN call to Deming, New Mexico, police Chief Brandon Gigante was not immediately returned.”

    My standard question to police defenders is how many corrupt police officers they’ve referred to the supposed internal affairs. So far I’m batting 100% in zero respondents. Serpico and others report horrific blowback from reporting police corruption, and IMO their complaints are credible.

    Again, if police were held to the same standards as citizens I don’t think we’d be seeing the outrage.

    I’m surprised to see no add’l comments to this thread. Are there a bunch of silent Clark County police supporters that are (for some reason) not motivated to post in support of the police shooting of a law-abiding citizen?

  9. “RAPE” is a pretty strong word to use.

    If you actually read what I wrote, I said there were bad Cops, but I feel they are small in number.

    Why don’t you look up the Cops tha trisk their lives pulling people out of burning cars in wrecks, even to suspects they might have chased?

    How about the Cop that pulled over a woman for running a stop sign, only to discover she was choking and then save her life with the Heimlich maneuver?

    What about news reports where Cops found a woman with children in a home with no food and spent money from his own pocket to fill her cupboards?

    There are a great deal more instances of Cops doing good that never make print, but one does bad and it is national news ready for Cop haters to leap on and taint all Cops.

    But the good and heroic actions, even the ones that make news somehow don’t reflect on them.

    Strange, isn’t?

    I learned a long time ago that if you only look for bad that is all you will find.

    Funny that you claim “My standard question to police defenders is how many corrupt police officers they’ve referred to the supposed internal affairs. So far I’m batting 100% in zero respondents.”

    Yet we hear of internal affairs investigations frequently. Why do they even have Internal Affairs Divisions if no one ever reports any?

    My final question to you is, Did you vote for any of the candidates for Sheriff? If so, why did you bother since no Cop is good in your eyes?

  10. By the way, Josef, explain to me what a bad guy this Cop was today

    Angry crowd gathers after Freeport police fatally shoot suspect

  11. http://apps.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=9A.44.010

    RCW 9A.44.010

    As used in this chapter:

    (1) “Sexual intercourse” (a) has its ordinary meaning and occurs upon any penetration, however slight, and

    (b) Also means any penetration of the vagina or anus however slight, by an object, when committed on one person by another, whether such persons are of the same or opposite sex, except when such penetration is accomplished for medically recognized treatment or diagnostic purposes, and…

    (7) “Consent” means that at the time of the act of sexual intercourse or sexual contact there are actual words or conduct indicating freely given agreement to have sexual intercourse or sexual contact.

    I’m not surprised that you’d say “Rape is a pretty strong word to use.” I’m glad to know that the medical people involved in this were reprimanded (unlike the police).

    Liz Pike & Carolyn Crain – you both posted in support of Lew’s post. Do you also support the Clark County police shooting a law-abiding citizen?

    Do you support police (as seen in Deming New Mexico) forcing anal probes without a valid court warrant on unwilling citizens? Can we look forward to that in Clark County?

  12. “Yet we hear of internal affairs investigations frequently. Why do they even have Internal Affairs Divisions if no one ever reports any?”

    Can you provide a link? To date I haven’t seen anything substantial except for Portland’s Nazi memorial. Or is that what you are suggesting is a Good Thing?

    Sorry, but in my ideal world a Nazi supporter would be fired ASAP. Do you agree?

    You’ve dodged many of my questions. I hope Crain/Pike have more intellectual honesty.

  13. It just struck me that this is a learning moment. The question here is “what is the role of people vs. govt”

    My reponse would be something like govt people.

    This can be verified by the reaction to police shootings of poeple.


  14. There are html convdersion errors.

    “govt people”

    should be
    govt (greater than) people
    but the (greater than) symbol has HTML signifiance.

  15. All of that verbiage and yet, you cannot bring yourself to say or list one single action any Police Officer ever took that saved lives or benefited someone else.

    I take it then that is it were your wife or daughter “raped” then you would have no real problem with it lest you need to call the Police you hate so much.

    And again, I will remind you that the post clearly stated there are bad Cops that must be weeded out.

    But you focus only on those bad as if all were those bad Cops.

    I hope you never need the service of the Police.

  16. I can’t help but wonder, Josef.

    Do you refuse to allow your family to seek the medical help of doctors because some have lost malpractice lawsuits?

    Applying your view of the Police to Doctors, there cannot be a good Doctor to seek medical help from.

  17. It appears Crain & company cannot bring themselves to this dialog, and I cannot say I am surprised.

    Lew, you ask about my family’s response. I hope my family would not have to rely on someone else. 2 Corinthians 3:5 and of course John 15:5 unless you disagree…

    My fundamental problem is that the police now view themselves as above the law. Of couse many police officers are notable. Yet how many have turned in corrupted police officers?

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