Updated: CCGOP May Censure Rep. Herrera Beutler?

by lewwaters

Monkey, EmbarrassedI’ve been hearing rumors that the Clark County R3publican Party is strongly considering censuring Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler and it has been confirmed. I find it oddly fascinating that one County Party out of the eight comprising the 3rd Congressional District that elected her believes they alone have the power to coerce her into doing their bidding.

Be that as it may, I am not a big fan of Herrera Beutler’s politically, but do acknowledge she was elected by over 60% of the vote in the 3rd District and can’t help but notice none of the elected GOP officials have chimed in publicly, one way or the other. And, as for both parties involved here, I warned y’all long ago.

Nothing has been voted on or approved yet, I hear that won’t happen until 3 months or so from now since the censure was not brought forward in sufficient time for voting at the last central committee meeting.

Egg on FaceYou may read the full censure being proposed at Herrera Beutler Resolution

I remain neutral in this, not being a fan of either party involved, but will watch to see if the party learned anything after the Lazy C ripped them apart when they censured former County Commissioner Marc Boldt.

Added Jan. 14, 2015 @ 1:54 PM: Herrera Beutler response to PCO’s.

Jan. 20, 2014 State GOP backs Herrera Beutler in censure controversy

19 Comments to “Updated: CCGOP May Censure Rep. Herrera Beutler?”

  1. First, censure is a waste of time, a mosquito attacking an elephant.

    Think in terms of a pinata holding itself up and beating itself to death for no good reason.

    Second, if they want to get her attention, expulsion is the only move that would matter.

    Third, they said nothing about expelling Greg Kimsey who, compared to Herrera, is low-hanging fruit.

    And fourth, that the other party organizations may or may not support this isn’t altogether relevant: 2/3rds of her base live in Clark County.

    Getting beat up by the paper is no big thing: it’s happened to both of us and many GOP candidates who now have titles.It’s almost like not getting beaten on by Lefty Lou means you’re not trying hard enough.

    But censure is an utterly meaningless gesture. Boldt got smacked and remains that way. Neither Kimsey nor Herrera at this point give a damn what the Party does.


  2. What a bunch of nutjobs. The CCGOP must be the laughing-stock of the State – and a dream come true for Democrats. What other organization goes out of it’s way to try to damage the congressional representative of their own party?

  3. The Clark County GOP draft letter outlines a lot of the failings that Ms. Herrera-Beutler has exhibited over the past few years (that I’ve been aware of her existence). There are a multitude of Congressional voting record “ratings” … but in reviewing a few, it becomes obvious that our nominally Republican representative is not a very convincing conservative. Indeed, among Washington state Representatives, only a couple of (claimed) Republicans have a lower rating. Ms Herrera-Beutler barely rates as “more conservative” than the _least_ conservative Democrat.

    I doubt that a “censure” will have much impact. What is a shame is that Ms. Herrera-Beutler was “handed” this district in a sweetheart deal when a vacancy occurred. My suggestion is that the local Republicans — perhaps in consultation with Republican committees in the other 6 (and a part of a 7th) counties an appropriately qualified challenger might be found who would truly represent the conservative population in the 3rd District.

    As it is, Ms. Herrera-Beutler has prover herself the quintessential “back bencher” with apparently no significant impact on any legislation. Indeed, in the CRC controversy, her position on the House Appropriations Committee (and more importantly on the Transportation subcommittee) could have ended the controversy in a heartbeat — but she equivocated allowing the controversy to linger on and on despite strong opposition from voters in Clark County who would be most negatively impacted by the taxes and high costs of that boondoggle. Clearly, Ms. Herrera-Beutler could have inserted language in an appropriations bill that would have (1) clarified that the “necessary” transit enhancements could be achieved with bus service and (2) that no bridge that would reduce the clearance to passing water vessels would be allowed. But no… she did not do this…

    She seems to understand that she has a somewhat safe (for a Republican) district, and thus she can just go ahead and waste taxpayer money along with the others in Congress.

  4. Another waste of time and energy with the potential to create further division in the party. Another fiasco aimed at Republicans who are targeted by other “Republicans” intent on the infiltration and take over of the Republican party. Another embarrassment to the cause of furthering Republican power in government.

  5. Well, since all Herrera does is sit on her butt and crash parties, none of this has anything to do with “Republican power in government” since her presence has done absolutely nothing to increase it.

    When it comes to “damaging the congressional representative of their own party,” if she didn’t vote more like Brain Baird (Who she really admires) instead of voting like a Republican, she wouldn’t be in this mess.

    But, as I pointed out, none of this matters and it really is a waste of time.


  6. Seeing who sits front seat today at the post swearing in ceremony lunch of Republicans in Olympia and recalling the interference ran to get Herrera elected over a true conservative, I fail to see where this party gets off debating any censure of Herrera Beutler.

    They were warned back then and ignored it in part due to actions initiated by their self proclaimed “icon”

    They will end up with egg all over their faces on this one.

  7. “if she didn’t vote more like Brain Baird (Who she really admires) instead of voting like a Republican”

    Don’t you mean if she voted more like a Tea Party Republican? Clark County is more centrist than that. I don’t know about the entire 3rd District, but she appears to be reflecting at least Clark County’s political leanings quite well. Brain Baird actually did quite well for a Democrat. His failure on the Affordable Care Act was a huge disappointment, but other than that he didn’t seem to get too liberal.

  8. Craig is right Baird didn’t swing liberal he was for sure a moderate Democrat. That said he even promised me he would vote no of the healthcare bill and made several public statements to that effect as well. He sold out and then quit his job leaving Jaime to take the seat and clean up the mess he created when he voted yes on the ACA. We are lucky she is there working for us as she does totally reflect the party of the 3rd congressional district.

  9. Strange to see the R3publican State Committeeman leave a comment at the Lazy C saying, in part,

    “…during the primary the party took no position on any race with more than one republican, including the CD3 congressional race. In the general election, the party endorsed republican candidates in Clark County, but did not endorse in larger races. There was no endorsement of our congresswoman in that race. No PCO in attendance at that August meeting moved for an endorsement.”

    “The party did not give any money to the congressional race — our congresswoman had a 7 figure campaign fund and other local candidates needed the money. So with respect to the party’s involvement in the congressional race, they weren’t really involved.”

    Although, according to him, the County Party did not lift a finger to help elect her (some individuals did, though), they feel they have the authority to hold her accountable to their views?

    Strange way of thinking, in my estimation.

  10. Well, let me help you both (Craig and Carolyn) with that.

    If the people here had wanted Brian Baird, we’d still have Brian Baird. That’s not how she marketed herself to get elected.

    When I look at the tone and tenor of the GOP legislators in this congressional district generally or this county particularly, the idea that Herrera “appears to be reflecting at least Clark County’s political leanings quite well” not only crosses the line, it obliterates it.

    Remember, when she was parachuted in here back in 07 to run against Baird, the local rag referred to her as a “young, family values conservative.”

    Since that time, she’s managed to morph into a “Republican moderate,” with a voting pattern indistinguishable from the guy she replaced.

    Which is the point of this whole thing:

    If she is going to vote like a democrat… and she inarguably has done that… then why should we support her except for the letter after her name?

    So, no: she is NOT “voting her district.” She’s mostly invisible, mostly ignored in the House, mostly a backbencher wallflower who could be replaced by one of my Cavalier Spaniels. She’s so much of a coward that she lacks the courage to face her constituency in open town hall meetings.

    Even Baird would do that. In fact, he was a master of it. But since Herrera is ONLY concerned about keeping her job, that’s too tough…. too much time and trouble and being held directly accountable by the people? Well, phone events and coffee klatches with the guys that have big checkbooks are much more efficient.

    She’s done nothing, accomplished nothing and has gained notoriety ONLY because of her child and her inactivity. She has caused many of the more politically ignorant to believe she opposes the CRC Scam when her biggest funders (Kiewit) were likely bridge contractors.

    When I see the legislators elected in this county outside the Vancouver Soviet… there is no way… NO WAY… that if the people actually knew about this waste of skin, they’d support her.

    But, like Brandon Vick has proven, the GOP could have run a brick in this congressional district and it would have slaughtered the democrat.

    And proof of that is simple: we DID run a brick, and she DID slaughter the democrat.

    What we should have in Congress is someone who does more than talk a great game while fooling the people into actually thinking she’s something she isn’t. A cardboard cutout of a caricature of a member of Congress simply doesn’t cut it, unless your level of expectation is so low that a potted plant would suffice as long as the right letter is after their name.

    The very idea that the leadership of this country is in the hands of clueless idiots and arrogant narcissists like Herrera focused not on what’s best for this country but instead their own re-election?

    In this day and age, that’s a luxury we cannot afford. And one day, Herrera and those like her are going to make us all pay the price.

    And when it comes to “holding her accountable?” This does nothing to accomplish that first, and second, everyone… even the Clark County GOP has the right to their opinion and their ability to express it.

    This is them, doing that.


  11. Your rant is rude. It is undeserving of a response frankly. I suggest since you feel so strongly that she is so totally worthless you put you butt where your mouth is and run yourself against her. Perhaps you know some sweet trick that can compel the entire country of Americans with the freedom to spew hate filled speech like you have just done to move over to your side of every issue and we can get it all done through you. Just a thought here… willing to try?

  12. Thanks Lew!

  13. Thanks for posting Jaime’s response to those nitwits at CCGOP. In my opinion the entire lot should resign forthwith. Well at least I know now why they avoid you Lew. They obviously lack the intellectual capacity to hold their own in debate with you.

  14. Carolyn, please don’t misunderstand me: I don’t care whether you respond or not.

    I am telling the truth. For those blinded by the “awesomeness” of Jaime Herrera, which just goes to show that many of the people CAN be “fooled all of the time,” anything said calling their heroine out is going to be “rude.” Your inability to respond to my points isn’t because of the delivery as much as it’s a result of your partisan blinders.

    Her obvious mishandling of this situation (“I don’t want to face it; I’ll just send a letter I didn’t write, designed for the newspaper’s consumption… because the people that have to make this decision are obviously stupid and it’s not worth my time to go meet with them… much like it’s not worth my time to hold open town hall meetings.”) does her no credit and goes to the heart of the weakness of her tenure.

    By no stretch of the imagination do I “hate” that woman. To hate her is to give her stature that she simply doesn’t deserve.

    I DO hate her ability to fool people, as she has obviously fooled you, into believing she’s something she’s not.

    I oppose her being a part of my government. I will never vote for her. She has become everything I knew she would… and less.

    I oppose you being a part of my government because you reek with a frightening partisan gullibility that shows you’re no more equipped to govern than you are to levitate. If I were in your district (And I thank God most days that I am not) I would never vote for you.

    This isn’t about “the entire country of Americans.” That you would resort to that kind of 8th grade response tends to show your unsuitability for election as well.

    It is, instead, about my little corner of this country. This woman, for better or for worse, allegedly represents ME. She is, correspondingly, answerable to ME. That you are her partisan lackey is entirely up to you and you’re welcome to it. But your passive-aggressive response to my comment here?

    That does neither you…. not her… any good.


  15. So your advise to anyone who wishes better representation then what we currently have is to either
    A) give more money than the current donor’s?
    B) Write really really ugly crude and stupid things about the representative all the time and hope for the a better outcome.
    C) Hope someone else fixes it.

    The reality is what Robert Dean stated about JHB, despite the donors, she tied funding to a vote of the people of Clark County, and despite the donations, She stuck to that stance.

    With such an ugly tone of stupidly crude insight, no one should consider you worth the effort to be answerable to. Much less consider anything you have to say to contain any measure of validity. If yours was an example of the thinking of the party Statewide, then it is no wonder the democrats have managed to retain control over the years. You provide no solutions only bully bait for easily impressed people wanting to blame something.

    Hinton your’s is a waste of political talent.

  16. I have a tendency to show rude people the door. It always amazes me when people think that they can be absolutely unsociable and expect to gain any ground in the debate on their position. Enough is enough. Class lacking, class is dismissed!

  17. I have a perspective that I have defended rather well over the past several years, and those who actually pay me for my opinion and analysis (This is how I make my living, and has been since I was the executive director for the state GOP some almost 15 years ago) and Herrera has lived up to that perspective.

    I said nothing about money. I believe giving it to Herrera is a total waste, but where people decide to put their money is up to them… this being America and all that.

    The truth of a matter is neither ugly nor crude. It’s the truth. No basic modifiers of how it’s presented are required.

    I don’t “hope” anything. Jaime Herrera is “hopeless,” and while I share little to nothing in common with those running the local GOP, I do agree with them on that.

    Herrera tied NOTHING to a “vote of the people of Clark County.” She introduced zero legislation that would have, in any way, impacted the CRC outcome and I defy you to provide a bill number where, for example, she stripped off light rail, or raised the height of the bridge to the current level, or increased government funding to reduce or eliminate tolling or anything else related to the objections of the voters of this county.

    She did nothing. She’s DONE nothing. She did NOT get in the way of the federal funding for this project, instead, forcing local legislators to implement the will of the people here. And that doesn’t even get into her vote to raise the debt ceiling, reduce veterans pensions and disability payments or, as the local GOP pointed out, voting for our cretinous Speaker, like her keeper, Cathy McMorris, ordered her to.

    The fact of the matter is this: you and obviously Carolyn have set the bar so low a snake could crawl over it. I haven’t.

    Merely because you lack the knowledge, understanding or intelligence to get what I’m talking about, instead engaging in personal attacks against me as the messenger, is not only a favorite tactic of the fringe left, it does absolutely nothing to address the obvious waste of time, effort and energy expended to keep that vain, backbencher narcissist in office.

    Like most of the RINO ilk, you make false claims about me as if they are the truth. For example, you babble about me “not offering any solutions,” because it increases the comfort of your meme.

    I, for example, will match my solutions against your lies every damned day and twice on Sunday.

    Further, the GOP in this state is run by the Bellevue Mafia. If you have a beef with outcomes, take it up with them.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been getting GOP candidates elected. You?

    Not so much.

    And Carolyn, don’t flatter yourself. You carry Herrera’s water like Gunga Din, like you’re looking for a job from her. Feel free to ignore me all you like. You won’t be missed.


  18. Last comment on this to you KJ I swear. It is ridiculous to waste my time arguing with one who wishes to act like an idiot. I worked to get her elected and I have worked to keep her elected. I will continue to do so because I believe in her and in the majority of the Republican party. I do not however believe that anyone should send someone into the front lines and believe me when I say this, Washington DC is the front line, to work for us and NOT support them in anyway possible in that effort. Has nothing to do with carrying her water but rather everything to do with being willing to help her carry mine.

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