Is There An Echo Around Here?

by lewwaters

Simply amazing to read in the Lazy C from one of America’s wealthiest individuals, Ken Fisher of Fisher Investments;

He advocated for embracing the non-urban nature of Southwest Washington, and urged local leaders not to tie themselves to Portland as they develop the community.

Portland may be trendy, but Southwest Washington is less concerned with taste and style, and more concerned with the “real” world, he said.

“I’ve got a lot of class and all of it’s low. I got a lot of taste and all of it’s bad. I see all these people who suffer from inferiority complexes who want to go and be a foodie in Portland. I will do that when I’m dragged across the river,” Fisher said, in a characteristically dry dig at urban America.

Let Portland be Portland, you guys be you,” he continued, winning applause from the crowd.

What is amazing about this is it is nearly the same exact words I have used several times over the years and not just ignored, but often castigated by the likes of Jim Moeller, Tim Leavitt and many more who sought to permanently subjugate us to Portland by forcing us to accept their light rail against our wishes.

Moeller has even gone so far as to proclaim our future depends on us linking to “that economic powerhouse” south of the river.

Equally as amazing is seeing the Lazy C once again patting themselves on the back by including, “As Fisher touted the benefits of non-urban living, he also praised The Columbian for its role in informing the community about local issues,” even though they consistently took a position directly opposite that expressed by Fisher.

But, as the self proclaimed better than me’s have shown, what do I know?

One Comment to “Is There An Echo Around Here?”

  1. Having lived the bulk of my life in the S.F. Bay area — in the closer-in suburbs of the East Bay, I observed Oakland (again and again) try to increase it’s relative status vs. San Francisco … with mostly zero success. (The Port of Oakland, however, is far more important than the Port of San Francisco (from a shipping standpoint) but that’s due to the logistical and geographical situation, not due to perceived status.)

    Vancouver WA, as a suburb of Portland will never compete with Portland ON THE SAME BASIS. The reality is that the residents of Vancouver (and SW Washington generally) have a different world view than the residents of Portland. Subsequently, the communities of SW Washington have their own unique flavor and are quite different than those of Portland. This was actually well illustrated by the YouTube video series “Vancouveria” (a parody of “Portlandia”) — that sadly faded out after 5 or 6 videos.

    Indeed, on my occasional visits across the River, I usually find a feeling of vague irritation while in Portland. Interestingly, this is the same feeling I often felt when visiting (the rather smug) “Peoples Republic of Berkeley” in California. (Where ‘bike lanes’ replaced a significant portion of the on-street parking.)

    People that (willingly) live in SW Washington simply don’t want to be an indistinguishable part of Portland. If that was very important, then they would have moved to Portland (as the daughter of family friends has done). My own choice to live in SW Washington was based on practical considerations and my tastes (or lack thereof) and interests.

    I appreciate that I live near a large city — there is some value to that, particularly for cultural things (like artistic performances, etc.) But the suburban living conditions and lower population density of SW Washington are far more amenable to my personal temperament.

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