I-594, Confusing, Unenforceable and Held Hostage by One Democrat!

by lewwaters
Laurie Jinkins

Laurie Jinkins

Gun grabbers across the nation were elated at their ability to pull the wool over voters eyes in passing their ill-advised anti-gun measure, I-594 in Washington State by a fairly large margin in 2014.

Promoted as merely a simple background check requirement on private sales and well funded by out of state anti-gun interests, 18 pages of the most confusing words that even law enforcement opposed and has seen both the State Attorney General and the Dept. of Licensing shy away from offering guidance on quickly transformed into “just the first step” in what gun-grabbers erroneously label “common sense solutions” to gun violence.

“The first problem is to slow down the number of handguns being produced and sold in this country. The second problem is to get handguns registered. The final problem is to make possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition–except for the military, police, licensed security guards, licensed sporting clubs, and licensed gun collectors–totally illegal.” (Richard Harris, “A Reporter at Large: Handguns,” New Yorker, July 26, 1976, p. 58.)

The confusion and unenforceability of this measure has some seriously asking, “If no one wants to enforce a law, is it still a law?”

Enter Rep. Laurie Jinkins, (D-Tacoma), Chair of the powerful House Judiciary Committee in our legislature that has seemingly taken it upon herself to exercise her prerogative as Chair to single handedly block efforts to “clean up” or even repeal this unenforceable measure.

Jinkins, well-known as no lover of our second amendment or even Section 24 of our State Constitution outlining the “right of the individual citizen to bear arms” has so far arbitrarily blocked two bills, HB1193 and HB1245 from even being heard in her committee, much less debated or hear public comment.

As Chair, she does hold the power to block any other legislator trying to improve a bill or repeal a bad measure with her gavel.

That places an inordinate amount of power in her hands to impose her will, based upon her own personal biases on the rest of the legislature as well as the citizens of Washington State.

I am told Ms. Jinkins is a member of the recently formed American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention, a consortium of some 200 State Legislators from all 50 states, that’s 200 out of some 7,383 state legislators (or 2.7%) seeking, they claim, “developing strategies for reducing gun violence that will be most effective in our districts, our states, our regions, and the nation as a whole.”

Face it, when we hear of such goals by gun hating Democrats, they have one thing in mind, disarming the average citizen under the false notion that somehow, another overburdening law will see criminals suddenly obeying the law.

The group reminds me very much of New York Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a slyly named anti-gun group that saw former Vancouver, Washington Mayor, Royce Pollard withdraw his membership years ago saying,

“After careful consideration and after listening to the concerns of many of my constituents I have come to the conclusion that some of your organization’s statements and actions can be construed as infringing on the rights of legitimate gun owners.”

Jinkins too would have you believe she supports your second amendment rights, but her actions in blocking HB 1193 and HB 1245, bills that would respectively prevent gun registration that supporters claimed is not a provision of I-594 and Repeal I-594 thereby giving legislators the space to draft meaningful legislation if actually needed speak otherwise.

Jinkins 2nd Amendment

While it is within the prerogative of Committee Chairs like Laurie Jinkins to arbitrarily kill bills they personally disagree with, is that what we should see as due process? After all, wasn’t it many of these same Democrats crying not too long ago of the Senate Majority Coalition not allowing a Transportation Bill citizens were solidly against from being heard an voted on in the Senate pertaining to the comatose CRC?

I do not see any way to strip Chairs of the ability in the near future other than ending Democrats stranglehold on our state by voting them out next election.

Until then, citizens are encouraged to put pressure on Judiciary Committee Chair Laurie Jinkins to stop blocking bills and allow them pass into committee to be heard and then, voted on.

They will likely be defeated, but they are deserving of being heard and allowing the public to voice their opinions seeing how they were sold a bill of goods with I-594.

I-594 is a very bad measure that even though passed, will not contribute anything towards stopping or lessening violence.

It is unenforceable and with no state agency willing to even offer guidance on it, blocking efforts related to clarifying it or repealing it so we can offer responsible laws is completely irresponsible of Laurie Jinkins in my estimation.

We can do better, if Ms. Jinkins will allow us to.

4 Comments to “I-594, Confusing, Unenforceable and Held Hostage by One Democrat!”

  1. Mindless measure passed by ignorant and ill informed voters..

  2. Ill informed voters, to be sure. But also likely confused voters, too. There was a counter measure on the ballot (apparently sponsored by 2nd Amendment supporters. It failed to get anywhere near enough votes … but it also did not get much money to promote it, either. The opponents of I-594 might have done better to just fight the gun grabber’s proposal rather than try to muddy the waters.

    There’s apparently now “common sense” when it comes to the liberal’s objections to gun ownership.

    PS. I’ve been sending off the biggest checks I can afford to 2nd Amendment supporting groups.

  3. This is common behaviour and the single most powerful thing a legislator in a control position can do. I seriously cannot express enough to people how important it is that the Republicans gain control of the house in our state! Next election cycle we can start by supporting my bid to replace the speaker pro-tem of the house Jim Moeller and vote for me! Every seat matters.

  4. She’s pulling a Hairy Reid. Seems like some environmental law could be enforced to cause the lady to give the bill a hearing. But until then there is no getting around the fact that her interpretation of the 2nd amendment and rational peoples interpretation of the second amendment are not the same. Committee assignments are the key, so voting for Carolyn and other rational people is imperative.

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