House Funds DHS, 75 Republicans Cave on Amnesty

by lewwaters

Dem, Boehner Caves

CNN reporting: House clears DHS bill for Obama

By a vote of 257-167, the House approved funding for the Department of Homeland Security that left Obama’s amnesty executive actions in place for illegal aliens.

Herrera Beutler voted Nay.

11 Comments to “House Funds DHS, 75 Republicans Cave on Amnesty”

  1. Well, we are going to have to take even more Senate seats to ensure a non-veto ability to get the correct language put through on these bills! I appreciate Jaime’s vote!

  2. As you can see in the email I posted above (received today), Democrats are elated with Boehner’s caving.

  3. Obama 2 Republican Congress 0

  4. America -6 + $18,000,000,000,000

  5. Yes Boehner is a huge liability. He may have just sealed his fate though. When you have a majority in both houses but the prez can still veto the senate actions it is critical that the house of representatives hold the final grip on the purse strings.

  6. Nice that Herrera voted no.

    I have responded to requests from the Congressional Republican election fund raisers (and the Republican National Committee) that so long as Boehner is Speaker, they’ll not get one dime from me. (I have and will provide modest donations to specific candidates or to independent groups that support “my” issues.)

  7. Reblogged this on iblogstr8sicit's Blog and commented:
    This is Treason and nothing less!

  8. I’m confused – did you expect some sort of integrity from the Republican Party?

    They held absolute control under Newt Gringrich, but nothing happend. At that point it should have been obvious that they stood for nothing other than getting re-elected.

    Immigration – if it is a key issue, why don’t the R’s stop all gov’t (via funding) until it gets addressed? Because they don’t care!

    DHS should be abolished – it is an affront to the liberty the founding fathers fought for (how’s that for alliteration).

  9. Integrity? No, not from either party.

    That is why I am an Independent and find the GOP even worse now under the RPLC

  10. Lew, thanks for the response. I fear others may interpret this post as some sort of rally for the Republicans, when it is not. Australia has an interesting multi-party system. It is a shame the United States’ two-party “system” is but a sham.

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