Updated: Thinking on Compulsory Union Membership

by lewwaters

Just a quick curious thought, considering that for once, the Lazy C gets it right in their editorial In Our View: Right to Work = Freedom (even a broken clock gets it right twice a day), and the usual slate of Liberal Democrat union lackey’s flock into the defend workers being forced to pay extortion in the form of union dues in order to hold a job.

But, considering that the Democrat Party employs people for various positions, what union represents their workers? Who do employees of the Democrat Party pay extortion to in order to work there?

Surely such a pro-union political party would gladly allow union representation for their paid employees, wouldn’t they?

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One Comment to “Updated: Thinking on Compulsory Union Membership”

  1. On no, Lew, you have it backwards. The Democrat party often has crowds for two hour paid union activity at public events. Democrat Town Halls are commonly where such paid for political activity can be found. The proof is that at the end of the two hours, even if the event is not over, all the union folks go home. It is truly a spectacle to behold.


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