Hypocrite Judging Hypocrite

by lewwaters

Amusing to see more wailing and gnashing of teeth from haters on the left with their intolerance of our Congressionally approved National Motto being displayed in the County Services Building.

Today it is evidence of leftist hypocrisy in a letter from a Carrie Parks: Bullying behavior disturbing where it is claimed,

“I was appalled by the amount of bullying that I, and others on the anti-motto side, experienced during the three hearings that were held at the county council.”

“People in our group were told we were going to be ‘judged,’ with the implication that we would go to hell. Several people were told to leave the country. One man shouted and swore at one of our women, calling her names. Another was called a ‘wackadoodle’.”

Personally, I don’t condone or engage in such rhetoric myself and disapprove of others doing so, but since when do those few types that do care what others say?

But, I can’t help but see the glaring hypocrisy in Ms. Parks letter as well in the comments from many C3G2 haters below it.

Aren’t these the same people telling us we are going to burn up in the atmosphere, kill off every living thing, starve poor children worldwide if we don’t agree to pay out excessive taxes to Liberals to curb “global warming?”

Aren’t they the ones saying we will, in a sense, burn in our own hell for not agreeing to their demands to live our lives as they deem proper?

So, just who is bullying who?

Or is it another case of their bullying is just forcing us to do the right thing as they see it, for the children, of course?

Note to Ms. Parks: you will not go blind seeing our National Motto on the wall, just as others will not rot in hell if they don’t see it.

2 Comments to “Hypocrite Judging Hypocrite”

  1. If memory serves, one of the star haters, John Laird, insisted on using his democratian soap box to refer to those of us wise enough to oppose their agenda as “cockroaches.”

    Frankly, the haters have no room to talk.


  2. Cockroaches, Hounds of Whinerville, Ankle Biters, BANANA Bunch (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) for a few

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