“Think Before You Speak”

by lewwaters

This video was produced by a young lady named Kenzie Marcigan for her Senior Project and loaded to her facebook page with the request of “Shares would be awesome.” All rights belong with her and I hope she doesn’t mind that I am taking the liberty to share it off of facebook so others may view it.

This is an excellent and powerful message to our kids, but it is us grown-ups that need to realize the problem goes much deeper than the everyday cruelty of many kids.

Somewhere along the line, it was grown-ups that stopped teaching how precious life is.

We cannot simply express regret over such suicides and then excuse ourselves, blaming only bullying and return to video games, shopping, heading to the bar or whatever we use to occupy ourselves today.

It is society itself, us, that needs to remember how to teach our kids that they matter, their lives are worth it and just how precious each of them are.

The list of failings today from society to our kids is endless, but if we truly are concerned over teen suicides we as parents better begin restoring decency and our families as the cornerstone of society.

Perhaps there is reason to Trust in God after all.

2 Comments to ““Think Before You Speak””

  1. The three “p’s” are so important. We have a 10% higher than the national suicide rate in our state for teenagers. This has yet to be addressed as the current legislators seem to continue to lean towards severing the roles of the P’s in their children’s lives furthering the potential for additional suicide attempts. The P’s for the record are Parents, Pastors and Physicians for guidance, in that order I might add. Note that there are no “teachers and government” in my solution on purpose as they do not have a regular long standing relationship with a child therefore cannot be effective at true protection and guidance for the child’s life. They are therefore relegated to a temporary impact role, also important but not the primary source of assistance and care.

  2. It’s heart wrenching. For some of these kids, the status quo public education system is like being dumped into prison. No place to escape. Yet it’s the Left that consistently opposes charter schools, home schooling and faith based schools, while laughably citing their mantra of diversity.

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