Spider Freezes Traffic

by lewwaters

An unusually large spider disrupted the I-5 northbound commute as it held off traffic trying to cross the bridge into Clark County about two hours.

I-5 Spider

Light rail would not have made it across either, Rep. Moeller 😉

Exterminators called in by the Clark County Councilors finally cleared the bridge and opened the highway to commuters.

Mayor Leavitt was last seen hiding under his desk.

Columbian editor, ‘Lefty Lou’ Brancaccio was seen rewriting his weekend Press Talk to blame the M&M Boys with a spider infestation, indicating Sen. Benton’s failure as head to the Dept of the Environment in heading off the spider before it got on the bridge.

One Comment to “Spider Freezes Traffic”

  1. Dang infestations! Good grief!


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