Dalesandro Announces Candidacy for Port Commissioner

by lewwaters

FWIW, I neither support nor oppose candidates this election. I defer all such actions to the self proclaimed better than me’s from the RPCCGOP.

Received in email this afternoon from Scott Dalesandro announcing his run for Vancouver Port Commissioner District 2

March 26, 2015



Scott Dalesandro announces his candidacy for the Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners, District 2. “The danger from oil trains is a real and serious situation for our community. We can do better. The Port is a strong economic engine that can bring good jobs to the region.” Dalesandro has over 40 years of logistics and transportation management experience and has closely followed Port operations for many years. “Now more than ever we need a voice on the board that has practical, industry-specific experience. If elected, I will work with my fellow commissioners and our community to ensure the Port operates safely, effectively, and with transparency.”

Dalesandro, 62, works as the General Manager at Columbia River Logistics in Vancouver. Scott and his wife Rose are long-time residents of Felida. Since 2009, Dalesandro has served as a volunteer on the Clark County Railroad Advisory Board.

Contact information
Phone: Scott Dalesandro (971) 563-4154
Email: scottforportcommish@gmail.com
Twitter: @scott4portcom
Facebook: Scott Dalesandro for Port Commissioner – Vancouver District 2

3 Comments to “Dalesandro Announces Candidacy for Port Commissioner”

  1. With living wage (one person in a family working and supporting the whole family) wage jobs and the economic benefits are worth the risks..

  2. John, FWIW means For What It’s Worth

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