Inslee: Screwing Middle Class Taxpayers is Fair

by lewwaters

Received Mar. 28, 2015 by email

Inslee, Screw Taxpayers

Left unsaid, if they really have been “cutting essential services for decades,” why has spending increased every year?

See also: Fact check: Has Wash. cut budget by $10.5 billion? Hardly

Unions limit states budget-cutting options

What happens to all of those “announced cuts?” As state makes cuts, lawsuits are flying

Reducing a proposed increase is not a “cut,” it is just a smaller increase, but still an increase!

2 Comments to “Inslee: Screwing Middle Class Taxpayers is Fair”

  1. my goodness! He is willing to cut our throats for us!

  2. Watch out. A “Capital Gains” tax is a sneaky way to install the government infrastructure necessary for establishing a full income tax (one of the big spending politician’s real goals). This state has benefited from not having an income tax. Capital gains taxes ARE income taxes (that get a considerable boost from government-caused inflation).

    What this state REALLY needs is to improve its economic growth. Pro-growth policies (and a capital gains tax is absolutely NOT pro-growth) need to be established:

    1. Join the 25 other “Right to Work” states. Boeing, for example, has built a huge new plant in North Carolina, a right-to-work state and is shifting production there. If Boeing was able to expand here, they likely would, but with the unions hanging over them, they’ll go where the business climate if more friendly.

    2. The stupidity of the $15.00 per hour “minimum wage” (even with its’ limited extent in the Seattle area) will hurt business, cause marginal businesses (particularly restaurants) to close, and will reduce government tax revenues. (Note that the one thing it will not help, is those who are only qualified to earn minimum wages.)

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