Inslee Tipped His Hand

by lewwaters

Inslee 002Once again, the Governor snuck into town with little or no fanfare, not even much prior notice, to “hear the need for the $83 Million Mill Plain I-5 exchange that nobody seems to know too much about.

Somebody knows, of course, but aren’t speaking very loudly.

Some speculate if the plan isn’t to piecemeal the failed CRC light rail project into place before the voters that have rejected every single funding mechanism are wise to it.

From where I sit, that is not idle speculation and is very much what some hope to do, evidenced by C-Tran’s moving ahead on the Bus Rapid Transit project Fourth Plain that voters also rejected and C-Tran launched into scheming how to circumvent us.

Face it, there is no need for BRT other than to one day hook up to light rail from Portland, voters be damned.

But, back to Governor Inslee, a strong proponent of the failed but comatose light rail scheme from Portland.

If you read to the bottom of the Lazy C article, Inlsee tips his hand to the plan;

“And of course, talk of a transportation package in Southwest Washington veered toward the now-defunct controversial Columbia River Crossing project.”

“Inslee, a proponent of the project to replace the Interstate 5 Bridge, does not hide his frustration that the project failed.”

Although it’s still a top priority, he said on Friday, ‘the local community has not yet coalesced’.”

Acknowledging that we do not want it and have voted it down numerous times by proxy on funding it, he states “it’s still a top priority.”

So much for the claims telling you that it is dead. If actually dead, it would not be any priority at all.

Claims of needing to upgrade so wind mill parts shipped through the port can access I-5 easier sound like a load of bunk!

Be that as it may, if you think for one second that the CRC is dead, other than in name only and you can rest easy, I refer you back to Inslee’s own words, “it’s still a top priority.”

UPDATE: Vancouver City Council Member Burkman has posted a Memorandum showing that this project is indeed one that was very much a part of the allegedly “now defunct” Columbia River Crossing.

“It is important to note that the Mill Plain/I-5 interchange has preliminary engineering and design plans prepared in concert with the comprehensive (but now defunct) Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project.”

8 Comments to “Inslee Tipped His Hand”

  1. Nothing is ever dead really. It all returns again to be revisited just take a read through the legislation I read annually. Same stuff over and over until they pass it finally. Thus the motto… never let the sword hit the floor!


  2. The people we elect know more about what’s good for us than we do because their sponsors told them so with perks and payoffs..


  3. Although it wastes $80 million that might be better used elsewhere in Clark County (windmill parts from Europe can be accommodated within the present right of way with minimal modifications to the on-ramps) this is at least preferable to the final CRC Oregon Only plan that called for all interchange upgrades to be paid by the local community through tolls.


  4. The regulators have predicted that we’ll have 10 oil train derailments on the mainline per year for the next 20 years, in America.

    The newest-safest tank cars (they exceed federal standards) were involved in the 4 oil train explosions last month.

    The oil trains proposed to go to Grays Harbor will first pass through Spokane, Camas and Vancouver.

    Should the governor allow the oil terminals proposed in Grays Harbor to be built?


  5. What in the hell does any of that have to do with the Mill Plain/I-5 interchange, Don?

    Or do you just feel you are entitled to highjack my site as you do the Lazy C?

    Incidentally, when you begin showing concern about being under the traffic pattern for PDX as you panic over any and every train accident, maybe I’ll lend you some credence.

    But just know, you will not be permitted to highjack my site like Lefty Lou lets you do.


  6. My apologies Lew.


  7. Apology accepted, Don.

    If you wish to chime in on the topic, even if in disagreement with me, feel free.


  8. Back in the Watergate days, the hint was to “follow the money.” The CRC scam has a LOT of money involved. Of course it is not dead, especially since our dim-wit Congress-lady just smiles at you and lies about being on “our side.”

    The big bucks involved in the CRC would allow politicians to spread a lot of loot to a lot of cronies.

    An upgrade to the current Interstate bridge would be beneficial … but a NEW crossing between Clark county and Oregon (in whatever location) would actually be a bigger improvement. Once a third crossing is built, some of the load on the existing bridges would be reduced, making upgrade/replacement of the Interstate bridge less of an immediate need.


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