She Never Said That?

by lewwaters

Baltimore, Maryland Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has come under fire following the mayhem and rioting seen in recent days in that city for words she spoke on giving space to destroy. She now claims she never said what has been clearly recorded coming from her own mouth.

Now, I could believe she did not mean what she said or her words came out wrong from what she actually meant to say, but to outright deny saying what has been clearly recorded?

And consider those youths and agitators in Baltimore hearing those same words?

The Mayor should admit what she said and clarify along with condemning the violence (which she has), but playing victim over what she clearly stated does nothing to help calm things down.

5 Comments to “She Never Said That?”

  1. I guess I’m getting old… it seems that the lessons of the 1960s riots have been lost… but then, the mayor of Baltimore probably wasn’t even born when those lessons were being taught.

    Regardless of what words came out of her mouth, the mayor has shown a stunning lack of leadership.

  2. By “those who wish to destroy” she meant ‘those who love flowers’ and by “give them space to do that” she meant ‘give them free flower pots’. How could anyone misinterpret that to mean she was giving consent to riot?

  3. Rawlings-Blake claims her words were “mischaracterized.” The simple truth is upon reading her own words, even she recognized the absurdity she had mouthed. This is why Liberal leftists hate being quoted. The mayor now finds herself floundering like a fish in shallow water, trying desperately to find some purchase and explain what she really meant to say. Nothing is more common than this curious mixture of pathos and comedy which follows most Liberal pronouncements, but the media simply doesn’t notice or care.

  4. Good morning Lew. This is in response to liberalsbane and the idea that “Liberal leftists hate being quoted.” It’s also a problem for conservatives. Here is a prime example. Read the paragraph where Rumsfeld says major combat is over.

  5. Hi Steve, I understand what you are saying and I can agree, nearly all politico’s have misspoke and been called on it.

    But, in this case with Ms. Rawlings-Blake, she flat out denied saying it, even though it was clearly recorded.

    I am pleased to see that even though nearly a week later, she did come out and express regret for the wording show used.

    As for Rummie’s quote, he said “The President of the United States and General Franks and I have been looking at the progress that’s being made in this country and in cooperation with President Karzai have concluded that we are at a point where we clearly have moved from major combat activity to a period of stability and stabilization and reconstruction and activities. The bulk of this country today is permissive, it’s secure it is clear that that’s the case by virtue of the fact that we have see people returning to their country from all across the globe in large numbers.”

    At the time, Afghanistan, where he was speaking, was relatively quiet, but did not remain that way for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was politics once again.

    And even with the now famous “Mission Accomplished” banner, I doubt you will find footage of Bush saying it never took place as did Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

    But, I will agree both sides have misspoke at times and have been called on it and obviously, did not like it.

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