Der Spiegel: How Germans Experienced The End of WWII

by lewwaters

It’s now been 70 years, the bloodiest conflict in history, World War II was drawing to a close. While we in America and other Allied Countries celebrated with jubilant smiles, our fathers and mothers paid little heed to the Germans experience as they woke up to the evil they had permitted to overtake their nation.

The German magazine, Der Spiegel treats us to a series of photos, interviews and video excerpts from the final days.

The Day of the Century: How Germans Experienced End of WWII

Germany paid a high price for the pure evil of Hitler and we must ever be on guard lest we allow it to happen again.

Thankfully, Germany and the other Axis Nations are honored and trusted allies today.

3 Comments to “Der Spiegel: How Germans Experienced The End of WWII”

  1. I think it’s pretty amazing that in 1945 there were only 40,000 people left in Cologne, but by 1946 there were over 400,000. They came back to rubble and rebuilt the city. A friend of mine who served in both France and Germany has often remarked on the difference between the two countries. He said by looking at it you’d think France was the nation that had been utterly destroyed instead of Germany. He said you could particularly see the contrast at the borders. German roads were in good shape, the towns were clean and tidy, while right across the border the French still had bombed out buildings (bombed by the Allies), broken down roads, and derelict towns. This was in the 60’s – about 20 years after the war ended.

  2. I was stationed in Nürnberg from 1971 to 1974, after Vietnam. The airfield we had was new (Feucht Airfield) but the barracks were left over WWII SS Kaserne (Merrell Barracks).

    There were still several pock marks from fighting in 1945 and even though swastikas were removed, some Nazi markings were still intact.

    Driving around, there were still a few bombed out buildings, although not very many.

    That could be us if we allowed a similar government to takeover our country and the rest of the world stood up to defeat such a nation.

    Unfortunately, I see elements from both major parties that would institute something similar if they get the chance.

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