Blog Talk: Feel Free to Ignore

by lewwaters

Monkey, EmbarrassedIt is said that ignorance is bliss. And if there is any truth to be found in that line from Thomas Gray’s poem, nowhere could it be found better than right here in good old Clark County Washington.

As we know, ignorance is essentially a lack of knowledge on any given matter. It’s pretty much what would be found where objectivity is nonexistent and the pabulum of bias prevails as people become too lazy to seek accurate knowledge and place unwarranted trust in those they believe are the best to lead them for any variety of reasons.

Such thought was summed up by the father of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin when he claimed, “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.”

Time and again we have seen just that attitude editorialized from the pages of the Lazy C under the pen of editor, Lou Brancaccio.

However, it is not only he that seems to believe casting any semblance of objectivity out the door is best. No, we also see it coming out of both local political parties in Clark County, especially the Republican Party now under the leadership of a group laughingly calling themselves a “Liberty” caucus and the Democrat Party led by a woman that ran for office and lost, claiming her family was grown, she had time to herself and was in need of life balance (she was bored).

Of course, the Lazy C is at the forefront in promoting a singular point of view that appears to be little more of an effort to push the county back towards Democrats, long showing their disdain for the outcome of the 2012 County Commissioner race as political power switched from Democrats to Republicans.

And let’s face it, Commissioner (now Councilor) Madore gives them all of the ammo they need for weekly bashes against him as he seeks to feed his ego and be the sole one to receive credit, even to stealing information, ideas and the work of others.

Since voters were hoodwinked into a change in the county charter, we now find ourselves facing the selection of one more County Councilor and selecting one person to be the Chair of the County Councilor.

As can be expected, the incumbent councilors, Madore and Tom Mielke have both announced their intent to run for the top seat and former Republican Commissioner, Marc Boldt, who was ousted from the Commission in 2012 for his selling out citizens too often, has also announced his intent.

Democrats have not fronted a name, many now placing their bets on Boldt, realizing how the massive under vote in the Madore – Boldt race in 2012 (Democrats absolutely refusing to cast a vote for anybody with that hated ‘R’ behind their name) ousted Boldt and put Madore in office.

The prevailing attitude seems to be that if only Boldt got back in, he could control the other four councilors and put special interests back to the fore.

By the same token, the fear of Madore feeding his massive ego by becoming the Chair is also prevalent as Councilor Mielke is barely being discussed.

Ol’ Lefty, as we refer to Brancaccio, sees this as a risky gamble for Democrats hoping to see Boldt put back in office.

Of course, should Democrats put forward a name, all could change. But in reality, given that outside of the far leftist downtown 49th district, Democrats do not fare well, the likelihood of a real Democrat winning countywide is slim.

As the race unfolds in the coming months, we can expect to see ol’ Lefty pull out the stops and follow Lenin’s advice well as he will do whatever he feels necessary to defeat those he hates with a vengeance, Madore and Mielke.

He will do as much as he can to keep readers of the paper in the dark and ignorant of true issues as those downtown special interests keep tugging at his strings.

Unfortunately, there is little to counter Lefty’s tirades as that “Liberty” caucus group has shown that, although they despise the Lazy C, they abhor any that counter their points if they ever shine light back on the nefarious, underhanded dealings of their own group.

They seem to feel a facebook page is an effective means.

It isn’t.

The Lazy C’s circulation is poor by all standards, but it is a daily voice feeding the masses only what special interests wish them to read, keeping them blissfully ignorant and happily sitting in their comfort zone, unaware of what is actually going on around them.

In simpler words, and seemingly promoted by the Lazy C and both political parties of late, ‘You are more comfortable if you don’t know something,’ as they realize the average citizen shuns involvement and educating themselves on the many issues facing us today.

Thomas Gray ended his poem with “…where ignorance is bliss, ‘Tis folly to be wise.”

Yes, the wise see how so few are manipulating the masses. Wisdom of issues by the people is anathema to the Brancaccio’s, Madore’s, Democrats and Republicans who have self appointed themselves as all knowing of what is right for all, each having opposite points of view.

It is doubtful that anything will change anytime soon as we seem to just have too many enjoying their blissful ignorance while others boast of discounting and marginalizing citizen voices that once sought to shine light on issues.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once told us, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Dalai Lama said, “Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.”

Warren Buffett says, “When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results.”

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!”

The choice is yours. Remain happy in your blissful ignorance of what is going on around you.

Or actively seek the necessary knowledge required to make informed decisions on your ballot.

8 Comments to “Blog Talk: Feel Free to Ignore”

  1. Agreed. Democracy is not a sport for the uninformed. I asked three of my local doctors what they thought of the proposed oil terminal. Two hadn’t heard about it and one asked . . . is a new pipeline coming in?

  2. We may disagree on the importance of the oil terminal, Don, but we agree that people need to be informed of both sides in order to make an informed decision.

    When only one side is presented, it is often not in everybodies best interest.

  3. “When only one side is presented, it is often not in everybodies best interest”.

    Absolutely, Lew. Where is Lou slamming former governor Christine Gregoire and Ed Murray over their lofty promises of Big Bertha not having cost overruns and it being completed this year? Where is John Laird and Lou slamming Gregoire claiming the 9.5 cents gas tax would pay for projects in Clark County? I see the same people slamming the ECB not scrutinizing WSDOT missteps (O’bradys,cracked pontoons on the bridge up north,Big Bertha,etc) or Gregoire,who said the 9.5 cents would pay for projects in Clark County and who opposed other ideas to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

    I messaged Lou:
    So who said this:
    “The first thing I will do as President will be to reverse the illegal and unconstitutional aspects of the Patriot Act, with the stroke of my pen.”

    Well, the person didn’t keep said promise and actually extended the Patriot act. I don’t recall seeing a Laird editorial slamming the president or Lou going after the president.

  4. That is what I originally attempted to do with this blog, Jacob, give a forum for another view.

    But, as I found out, it is those “Liberty” people that abhor light shined on them worse than anybody.

    So I am left who surmise they actually prefer the Lazy C as now they run around boasting of how they have discounted my efforts and made them irrelevant.

    And what do they offer to counter the Lazy C?

    Not a damned thing!

    Hence, my not involving myself in any of the campaigns now. Let them deal with it all.

  5. It will be a very divisive year in my opinion. Time will tell the outcome but the results of the three ring circus being created is really almost a foregone conclusion. I remember when Tom Mielke tried to get Stuart and Boldt to drop the park fees. They would have none of it and voted adamantly no to even having a hearing on it.
    Now once Madore got seated he wanted the park fees eliminated and of course Mielke who had already tried once was absolutely willing to have a second voice approving his issue. Course, if I read Madore’s statement it is he alone that has accomplished so much good in this county.
    I hesitate to say this but reality states that in a three person legislative body it takes at least two ayes to get anything passed. Giving credit where it is truly due and appreciating those who were there working all along doesn’t appear to be his strong suit.
    I fear a dreadful mud slinging type election cycle. I see two or three factions splitting our party even further apart. We struggle now to figure out how to get along with those who would insist that all things be done according to their opinion. I question how we will ever cross the divide after this election cycle is done.

  6. I have Madore on video speaking to Bill Turlay, who gave him the idea of the 192nd Bridge apparently, citing “You can accomplish anything as long as you don’t mind who gets the credit.”

    I didn’t pay much attention to it then, but after him sticking it to me as he did those times, I now understand it to mean nothing gets done unless he gets to take credit.

    As for this election, my popcorn is popped and lawn chair set up to watch it from the sidelines.

    And the party? I am so done with them.

  7. I am going to have to ask Bill about that bridge. 🙂

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