Another Dalesandro Files For Office

by lewwaters

Mike DalesandroI previous posted the News Release of Scott Dalesandro running for Port of Vancouver Commissioner. I was previously told by his son, Mike, current Battle Ground City Council Member, that he too was considering throwing his hat in the ring and run for the newly created position of Clark County Council Chair.

The following information is Mike Dalesandro’s announcement of running and is not to be considered support. As previously stated, this blog will not be supporting nor opposing any candidates this election.

Mike Dalesandro for Clark Council Chair

Friday May 15, 2015

Contact: Mike Dalesandro, (360) 949-6328

BATTLE GROUND, WA – Battle Ground resident and City Councilmember Mike Dalesandro announced he will seek the Clark County Chair position authorized by the Home Rule Charter passed last year. Mike has been active with various non-profit organizations and in his community for years before serving on the Battle Ground City Council for the last year and a half. Mike has seen first-hand what good can come from collaboration and constructive dialogue. By working together, Battle Ground has remained one of most affordable cities for families in our region all while seeing more business and job growth; Mike hopes to bring this same spirit of collaboration to the Clark County Council.

It’s time to change the politics in Clark County. I fully support the Charter and the new form of government. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity from all corners of Clark County to chart this new course, together, that’s why I’ve decided to seek the Council Chair position”, Mike Dalesandro said.

Dalesandro, 34, lives in Battle Ground with his wife Angie and two daughters.

More details about the campaign will come soon, including a campaign kickoff and information on how you can get involved!


Dalesandro will be running against current Councilor’s Tom Mielke, David Madore and Jeanne E. Stewart, Republicans. Also running is former County Commissioner Marc Boldt, seemingly long confused about party affiliation, claiming Republican, voting Democrat often and now claiming nonpartisan.

Mike Dalesandro has filed as a Democrat, making him the lone Democrat seeking to hold the County Council Chair position.

By all appearances, given how many have filed for other positions, this primary election has all of the earmarks to be a real circus, LOL.

May the best candidate win and differences be put aside once the votes are counted.

You may see all Candidate filings at Clark County Elections

5 Comments to “Another Dalesandro Files For Office”

  1. I have to believe Jeanne E Stewart is the only real choice, D or R. No slight to Mr Dalesandro but given his support for the charter, I have to question whether or not he will actually represent the citizens of the County in that position or just the political element with which he is aligned. I believe the answer will be the latter and that would not be good for either party or for the county.

  2. Mike and I disagree on much and find common ground at times, especially the CRC as he began seeing what we were all talking about.

    Still, he knows he is a long shot.

    Over all, Jeanne Stewart will likely receive my vote, even though I will not be endorsing any candidates nor blogging on any of the races.

    And yes, I agree, she is the obvious choice. There is not a single knife in my back from her, unlike from Madore or the RPCCGOP.

  3. This is going to be really a challenging time. The CCRCC will probably struggle with themselves over their differing perspectives. I hope that rather than further dividing the ranks this will show everyone that we are a vast lot of peoples under this tent with an extraordinary variety of views which can all be helpful to our cause.

  4. Dalesandro is assured to make if to the General. He’ll take what Democrat votes Boldt and Stewart would have received. Boldt is toast. Mielke is affable, but Republicans will go for the more take-charge personality of Madore or Stewart. Dalesandro doesn’t stand a chance in the General. That’s my take.

    Here’s where the real fun begins. If Madore wins, the local Leftists will be beside themselves. The twisting knife. Twisting. Twisting. But if Stewart wins, the Councilors will have to select a replacement, a Republican replacement, for Stewart’s old seat. Oh, Oh, Oh! Here’s my hope — Frank Decker. He’ll be a fine Councilor, but that ought to REALLY chafe those Vancouver Leftists’ asses. A healthy dose of Itch powder in the ol’ jock strap. It’ll be the mother of all gnashing of teeth. Better than reading Dante’s Inferno. Gnashing. Gnashing. Gnashing. LMAO. Thanks Mike Dalesandro:)

  5. You had me up to the point of mentioning Frank Decker on the council.

    May as well hope for Christian Berrigan with one of his fist pounding rants

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